24 June 2019

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Cuddle Your Candidate Tonight! Primary Pals Plush Dolls Featuring The Top Democratic Candidates Launches Just In Time For The Primary Debates

Primary Pals is a line of fun plush toys built around the excitement of the Democratic primaries.

"You can be proud of who you are supporting by having your Primary Pal on your desk, in your home, or anywhere else you may go."
"You can be proud of who you are supporting by having your Primary Pal on your desk, in your home, or anywhere else you may go."
Build Dolls, Not Walls… that's the motto of one veteran toymaker who is set to launch Primary Pals, a humorous plush collection featuring the top six front-running Democratic primary candidates just days before the first Democratic Presidential debate on June 26th. 

Developed by Neal Hoffman, a Shark Tank veteran and entrepreneur, the new plush collection features candidates like Ridin' with Biden and Bernie on a Journey and 'campaigns' for your support as it launches exclusively on Kickstarter today.
"With Primary Pals we are looking to lighten the mood and at the same time add a hint of playfulness and humor to the serious political climate currently blanketing the United States," states Neal Hoffman, a long-time toy industry executive and entrepreneur. 
Hoffman also sees the dolls as another way to show support for your candidate beyond the standard buttons and bumper stickers and developed the entire product line to most accurately reflect each candidate's personality in a fun and engaging way.

Featured in the collection are the top six candidates by most recent polling, and each dubbed with an amusing and friendly nickname, including:

  • Ridin' with Biden
  • Bernie on a Journey
  • My Buddy Beto
  • Mayor Pete in the Street
  • Courageous Kamala Harris
  • Persistent Elizabeth Warren
Hoffman has set a funding goal of $20,020 to support production for the line, which will be shipped this fall. Voters can purchase their favorite Primary Pals candidate for $25 each or a special collector's edition for $30, exclusive to Kickstarter supporters. The complete Primary Pals collection is also available for $100.

Once the Kickstarter campaign is completed, Primary Pals will be available for purchase on the Primary Pals website (coming soon) where 5% of the proceeds will be donated to the candidates' election funds based on the sales of each doll. To make it even more interesting, the donation will increase to 10% of proceeds to the candidate who sells the most dolls on Kickstarter.

The Candidates:

Bernie on a Journey
Bernie on a Journey (image via Kickstarter)
My Buddy Beto
My Buddy Beto (image via Kickstarter)
Ridin' with Biden
Ridin' with Biden (image via Kickstarter)
Mayor Pete in the Street
Mayor Pete in the Street (image via Kickstarter)
Courageous Kamala Harris
Courageous Kamala Harris (image via Kickstarter)
Persistent Elizabeth Warren
Persistent Elizabeth Warren (image via Kickstarter)
In addition to each individual product, a collector's edition will be available for most candidates in the line, which includes unique features including variations in the objects representing each candidate. 

  • For fans of Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand or the many other Democratic contenders, Hoffman has said he will add additional candidates based on demand and feedback on the Primary Pals Facebook page.
For Republican fans, Hoffman has hinted of "Trump vs. Democratic Presidential Candidate" Battle Pack in timing with the 2020 presidential election.

  • The Primary Pals Kickstarter campaign is now live. Stay tuned for Primary Pals social media accounts to launch across multiple platforms.
Build Dolls, Not Walls
Build Dolls, Not Walls (image via Kickstarter)

SOURCE: Primary Pals

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