19 July 2019

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Let's Stop The Amazon Apocalypse! [Petition]

It's horrifying! Half a BILLION trees have been lost in the Amazon in the past year. Right now, Amazon champions in Brazil's Congress are considering sweeping new protections, and indigenous groups are calling for international pressure to help save the forest. Let’s build a massive show of citizen support and stand up for the Amazon! Sign now!

Let's Stop The Amazon Apocalypse!
Let's Stop The Amazon Apocalypse! (image via Avaaz.org)
Dear friends,

It's horrifying -- in the past year, an area the size of 500,000 soccer fields has been destroyed in the Amazon! Nearly half a BILLION trees torn down and gone... forever.

This is how they do it: planes drop gasoline to start massive forest fires, armed militia swarm into protected areas, and indigenous leaders who stand up to them are murdered. 

  • And Brazil's far-right President Bolsonaro is making it even worse by stripping the Amazon of its remaining protections!
Right now, Amazon champions in Brazil’s Congress are considering sweeping new protections for the precious rainforest. And indigenous groups are calling for international support to ramp up pressure to defend their home.

Let’s build a massive call of citizens from around the world to protect the forest -- when it's huge, allies will deliver our voices to Congress in each key moment to silence the chainsaws and stop this Amazon apocalypse!

Bolsonaro has praised forest killers, blocked money for key conservation programs and threatened to evict entire indigenous communities from their lands. And if we don’t stop it, it’s not just the forest we’ll lose. It could be everything. The Amazon breathes in and stores massive amounts of carbon -- and without it, there’s no chance of stopping the climate catastrophe.

A coalition of Brazilian MPs are about to introduce proposals that could bring illegal deforestation in Brazil to ZERO, and key indigenous leaders are calling on the world to help them defend the forest. We can help them!

The Amazon needs us right now. Add your name, and share widely to end the Amazon apocalypse, before it’s too late. Once enough of us sign, we'll throw everything we have to help their struggle -- demonstrations of huge public support, polling, hard-hitting ads, and pressure on key governments around the world to break their silence:

Just years ago, when Brazil wanted to put a huge chunk of the Amazon the size of Denmark up for sale, 1.8 million Avaazers worldwide stood up for it and WE WON! Now the threat is even bigger... they're putting the Amazon on death row! So we need to fight harder, smarter and stronger than ever for the Amazon treasure!
With hope and determination,

Loup Dargent
On behalf of Diego, Bert, Laura, Andrew, Mel, Nana, Luis and the rest of the Avaaz team

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