16 September 2019

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Multiple Award-Winning Short Film 'Bummer' Secures Newest Accolades From London Independent Film Awards

"Bummer" - During a mother and daughter’s move to a life of paradise in Florida, news breaks of an imminent asteroid that will destroy Earth...

"An asteroid just had to come on this day. Now what?" - "Bummer"
"An asteroid just had to come on this day. Now what?" - "Bummer" (image via imdb.com)
Limitless Films LLC recently announced that its 8th and newest short film "Bummer" netted three awards from the London Independent Film Awards. The monthly competition recognizes excellence in filmmaking from filmmakers from across the world. 
"Bummer" is a depiction of a mother and daughter's move to a new home in Florida, just as the story breaks of an imminent asteroid approach that will destroy earth.
The film is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America. "Bummer" has won a total of 41 awards worldwide.
"I'm incredibly thankful that 'Bummer' is receiving international recognition and that our film seems to be connecting with audiences around the world," said director and writer Barry Worthington. "I feel very lucky to have worked alongside such a talented cast, crew and collaborators. I'm excited about what we are accomplishing together."
"Bummer" is the newest in a distinguished catalog of award-winning films from Barry Worthington. The compelling short won: "Best Actress" for Marili Mejias, "Best Child/Young Actress" for Hope Perry, and "Best Editing" for Worthington. The film was completed in May of 2018 and officially launched for streaming on the Limitless Films website. 

"Bummer" has also earned Official Selection honors from the Rendezvous Film Festival in Amelia Island, Florida and the Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival in North Hollywood, California.

Barry Worthington
Barry Worthington (image via imdb.com)

About Barry Worthington:

Worthington had proud but humble beginnings showing his work in places like the Gaithersburg High School auditorium when he was just a teenager, before moving on to serve as an adjunct film professor at Towson University for film production and film theory. He also served as an adjunct film/art professor at Howard Community College.

Worthington's film journey led him to complete his MFA in Film and Electronic Media in 2018. He has led Limitless Films into producing multiple award-winning films, securing a total of 121 awards since 2010, with pieces like: "Corrosion," "The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus," "Sponge," "Tanzanite," "Hollywood Trash," "Kin," and "River Haven."

The Trailer:

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