12 December 2019

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Artist/Activist Domenic Esposito Selected To Display One Of His Signature 800 lb Opioid Spoon Sculptures At ArtPalmBeach 2020

Domenic Esposito will display his "FDA" opioid spoon during the prestigious event

Domenic Esposito's "FDA" spoon
Domenic Esposito, Boston based artist/activist, is known nationally for his protest installations of the signature 800 lb metal spoon sculptures depicting a burnt opioid spoon. For this year's ArtPalmBeach 2020 fair (January 30th – February 3, 2020), Esposito has been selected as a part of a social activism commitment to display his "FDA" spoon as a pathway to a discussion on the opioid epidemic.

ArtPalmBeach has become one of the most prestigious art fairs internationally for its modern and contemporary artworks of the best and most promising international artists encompassing master artists and rising stars. Founded in 1997, ArtPalmBeach, held in West Palm Beach, attracts prominent art collectors, connoisseurs, critics and art-centric media from all over the country, and globally. It's one of the most anticipated events annually.
"Esposito's opioid spoon sculpture was selected to be part of this year's event, as he seamlessly demonstrates his focus on social injustices through the creation of his 800 lb opioid spoon sculpture. His work functions at the intersection of art and social change. Esposito is truly leading the way, and making a difference via his unique art, and we are honored to have him participate in the fair's Art Community pavilion whose mission is to embrace the most pressing social and global issues of our time," stated Lee Ann Lester, co-Founder of ArtPalmBeach.
Domenic has gained national attention as an advocate for the opioid stricken communities via his signature massive 800 lb opioid spoon sculptures he places at the doorsteps of those he deems to be significant contributors to the opioid crisis. To date, Esposito has displayed spoons at Purdue Pharma in Stamford, Rhodes Pharma in Providence, HHS (to protest the FDA) in the nation's capital, and the NJ Headquarters of Johnson & Johnson. The FDA spoon that will be on exhibit during ArtPalmBeach, like his other spoon sculptures, is solid aluminum and includes the FDA moniker engraved on its handle. In addition to his peaceful protest installations, Esposito conducted a ten-state tour along the East Coast during the summer in 2019. He toured the East Coast with a specially created 800 lb spoon sculpture that was left blank, so loved ones of those lost to the opioid crisis could sign the spoon with messages to honor the fallen. The tour garnered thousands of signatures.
"Like most artists, I have always admired ArtPalmBeach, and am so honored to have been selected to display my FDA opioid spoon," Esposito stated. "Furthermore, it is a testament to ArtPalmBeach founders, David and Lee Ann, for their acknowledgment of the vital role art/activism plays in our society to serve as the voice for many. While we garner attention visually through art, it is a medium we can use to begin to understand more of the world around us."
Esposito is also the Founder of The Opioid Spoon Project, a 501(C)(3) non-profit that focuses on garnering awareness surrounding those that have helped create, profit from, and continue to fuel the opioid crisis. Most importantly, it seeks culpability, victim restitution, and proactive solutions to end one of the nation's biggest epidemics to date.

SOURCE: Domenic Esposito

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