16 September 2020

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Slot Machine Cheats That Don’t Work

Unfortunately the history of gambling has always been marred by various opportunists who have tried to cheat their way to a win at every opportunity.

Slot Machine Cheats That Don’t Work (Photo by Longxiang Qian from Pexels)

Unfortunately the history of gambling has always been marred by various opportunists who have tried to cheat their way to a win at every opportunity, something that is doubly annoying because it means there is less cash for the genuine gamblers in the world to compete for too. Whilst casino cheats in general are frustrating, it actually isn’t all bad when it comes to these miscreants, because they have helped the overall industry in certain ways too. 

You see, casinos have historically had to make sure they are cheat proof over the years, and that is more difficult than you might think if there is nobody actively trying to cheat. Take the world of slot machines, for example, these incredibly popular gambling games did have a profound problem with slot cheats back in the day, however it simply galvanised developers to make doubly sure that their games at Thor Slots were uncheatable. 

The coin on a string slot machine cheat 

One of the most famous slot machine cheats from back in the day that no longer works was the coin on a string slot machine cheat. As you might expect from the name, this involved drilling a hole through a coin and threading a piece of string through it, something that then resulted in the coin mechanism being able to be tricked. 

As soon as slot machine developers caught on to this trick they took steps to make it an option no more, something that was achieved by making the coin feeder mechanism more complex. 

The electro-magnetic slot machine cheat 

Another famous slot machine cheat that no longer works because of the good work done by developers is the electro-magnetic slot machine cheat. This involved using powerful electro-magnets to manually spin the metal reels in place to make winning combinations, something that was possible due to the thin plastic protecting the reels at the time. 

All slot machine engineers really had to do to combat this was to install thicker protective layers covering the reels, and when video slots arrived there was no need to worry about the problem anymore. 

Slot machine cheating from the inside 

One of the weirder and hopelessly ambitious old slot machine cheats actually involves climbing into the mechanism of the slot machine itself, hoping to either spin the reels into a winning combination, or simply make a smash and grab with the money already in the machine. 

And yes, this actually happened, with a woman once being found trapped inside a Las Vegas slot machine. Needless to say, this isn’t a cheat that actually works… 

The fake coin slot machine cheat 

Another popular way of trying to cheat a slot machine coin feeder mechanism was to use fake or foreign coins, something that delivered a fair amount of success with slots cheats, mainly because it was a very inconspicuous way of cheating. 

But you cannot hide these things forever, and it wasn’t long before slot engineers noticed the problem and took steps to rectify it.

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