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10 September 2013

James Bond's Submarine Car Sells For £550,000


James Bond sub car sells for £550,000 (via AFP)
The iconic submarine car driven by James Bond in the 1977 classic The Spy Who Loved Me fetched £550,000 ($860,000, 650,000 euros) when it was floated at auction for the first time in London. Following an intense bidding battle, The Lotus Esprit was…

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9 September 2013

8 September 2013

British Police Arrest Scores At Far-Right Protest


Before reading this syndicated article from Agence France Presse, it might be a good idea to learn a bit more about what exactly "breaching section 12 and section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986" means as it seems that the anti-racists who were arrested for that offence are now portrayed, from what I've seen in some of the tweets I've read tonight, as violent thugs by some of the EDL supporters. 
"10.1 Sections 12 and 14 Public Order Act 1986 
If you engage in regular protest you will inevitably encounter the police’s use of Sections 12 and 14 of the Public Order Act 1986. 
Section 12 Public Processions   
This confers power on the senior officer to impose conditions on processions, which he reasonably believes are necessary to prevent serious public disorder, serious criminal damage or serious disruption to the life of the community. He may also impose such conditions if he believes that the purpose of the persons organising it is the intimidation of others with the view to compelling them not to do an act they have a right to do, or to do an act they have a right not to do.
If he reasonably believes any of the above, then he may impose conditions on persons taking part in the procession as are reasonably necessary to prevent the above, including conditions as to the route of the procession or prohibiting it from entering any public place specified in the directions. 
Anyone who knowingly fails to comply with a condition is guilty of an offence. 
Section 14 - Public Assemblies  
As with Section 12, the senior officer may impose conditions on public assemblies, which he considers are reasonably necessary to prevent serious public disorder etc. But unlike Section 12, the conditions he may reasonably impose are in this case limited to specifying: 
a) the numbers of people who may take part,  
b) the location of the assembly, and  
c) its maximum duration. 
On most big animal rights demos these days there is a Section 14 notice in place, which gives the location where the assembly may and may not take place, and the time at which it must finish. It does not usually specify the number of people who may take part. 
An assembly is defined by Section 16 of the Act as consisting of two people or more.Anyone who knowingly fails to comply with a condition is guilty of an offence."

This excerpt is from, but there are much more info available on the site itself, so do feel free to visit it when you have a few minutes.

British police arrest scores at far-right protest (via AFP)
British police arrested more than 160 people on Saturday as they sought to separate far-right protesters and anti-fascist demonstrators gathered in an immigrant area of east London. Scotland Yard had imposed conditions on a protest by the far-right…

7 September 2013

Great Britain, Japan And US Movies Tipped To Win Venice Festival


UK, Japan, US films tipped to win Venice festival (via AFP)
Critics have tipped movies from Britain, Japan and the United States to win Venice's Golden Lion prize this year, due to be announced at the world's oldest film festival on Saturday. British director Stephen Frears provoked a hugely enthusiastic response…

30 August 2013

Cult Leader 'Black Jesus' killed In Papua New Guinea


Cult leader 'Black Jesus' killed in PNG (via AFP)
An infamous cult leader known as "Black Jesus", who was suspected of cannibalism, has been chopped to death in a remote Papua New Guinea village, reports said Friday. Steven Tari, a convicted rapist, had been on the run since escaping from a prison…

28 August 2013

George Clooney's Space Thriller Opens Venice Film Fest


Clooney space thriller opens Venice film fest (via AFP)
Hollywood high-rollers George Clooney and Sandra Bullock kicked off the Venice film festival on Wednesday with a harrowing space drama that opens a line-up flush with gloomy tales. "Gravity", a 3-D sci-fi thriller, sees Clooney and Bullock as astronauts…

27 August 2013

Julian Assange Channels Farnham In Australian Polls Spoof [Video Included]


The YouTube video from Juice Rap News is just after the article and the bit with Julian Assange starts at 3:47 Enjoy!

Assange channels Farnham in Aussie polls spoof (via AFP)
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has recorded a musical spoof on his Australian political party for cult web series Rap News, satirising rock star John Farnham in a wig and denim shirt. Assange, who started the WikiLeaks Party to run for office in next…

25 August 2013

'Hijab Appeal' Campaign Divides Sweden


Just before we published this syndicated article from  Agence France Presse about the 'Hijab Appeal' campaign in Sweden, we got in touch on Twitter with   to ask if they would not mind giving us a short statement (like they previously did for the Explosive Device Found Outside British Mosque postand they kindly agreed (once again) to provide us with one... here it is:
"It is heartening to see people stand in solidarity with those who suffer anti-Muslim prejudice.The scourge of anti-Muslim prejudice must be tackled through all communities coming together against hate."

'Hijab appeal' campaign divides Sweden (via AFP)
In gender-equality Sweden, a grassroots movement defending women's right to wear hijab has split the nation, backed by politicians and celebrities while critics say it supports a symbol of female "oppression". Hundreds of Swedish women have posted photographs…

Banksy: From Graffiti Rebel To Auction-House Darling


Banksy: From graffiti rebel to auction-house darling (via AFP)
The auction of works by Banksy, the world's most infamous graffiti artist, has angered residents of looted London neighbourhoods and "embarrassed" the artist as the sale of street art becomes a lucrative enterprise. Hollywood A-listers Angelina Jolie…

24 August 2013

Bollywood Sri Lanka War Film Pulled From British And Some Indian Theatres


Bollywood Sri Lanka war film pulled in UK, south India (via AFP)
A Bollywood spy thriller set against the backdrop of the Sri Lankan civil war has been pulled from British and some Indian theatres after protests over its depiction of rebel fighters, the movie's distributors said Saturday. Madras Cafe, which opened…

Ben Affleck As Batman? Fans Outraged

"Could have been worse... 
It could have been Adam Baldwin. Yikes!"
Loup Dargent

Affleck as Batman? Fans outraged (via AFP)
The casting of Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck as the new Batman sparked fan outrage, with petitions calling for the coveted role to be recast and widespread howling on Twitter. Warner Bros. announced Thursday that Affleck -- who earlier this year was…

20 August 2013

Britain Faces Furore Over Snowden-Linked Detention


Britain faces furore over Snowden-linked detention (via AFP)
British authorities are facing increasing pressure to explain why they used anti-terror laws to detain the partner of a journalist who worked with US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden. David Miranda -- the Brazilian partner of Glenn Greenwald, an American…

18 August 2013

Red Cross Concerned Over Hunger-Striking Palestinians


Red Cross concerned over hunger-striking Palestinians (via AFP)
The International Committee of the Red Cross said on Saturday it is "extremely concerned" over the health of seven hunger-striking Palestinians held by Israel. "The ICRC is particularly worried about Imad Abdelaziz Abdallah Al Batran, who has been on…

15 August 2013

Spoon In Underwear Saving British Youths From Forced Marriage


Kudos to the Karma Nirvana charity for that brilliant idea! 
Let's make sure more of the youngsters at risks know about it! 
Loup Dargent

Spoon in underwear saving youths from forced marriage (via AFP)
As Britain puts airport staff on alert to spot potential victims of forced marriage, one campaigning group says the trick of putting a spoon in their underwear has saved some youngsters from a forced union in their South Asian ancestral homelands. The…

14 August 2013

Banksy Graffiti Offered At US Auction


Banksy graffiti offered at US auction: auction house (via AFP)
Graffiti painted on a gas station wall in Hollywood by British street artist Banksy will be put up for sale at auction in Beverly Hills, Julien's auction house said Tuesday. Titled "Flower Girl," the stencil in black aerosol paint represents a young…

12 August 2013

Sci-fi Thriller 'Elysium' Tops US Box-Office


Sci-fi thriller 'Elysium' tops US box-office (via AFP)
Science-fiction thriller "Elysium" took top spot in the North American box-office this weekend, beating out competition from raunchy Jennifer Aniston comedy "We're The Millers," estimates showed Sunday. Starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, "Elysium…

8 August 2013

Many Elderly Britons Drink Too Much: Study


Many elderly Britons drink too much: study (via AFP)
Many elderly people in Britain are drinking too much alcohol and should be set lower guideline limits, a new study published on Thursday said. Academics said heavy drinking among the over 65s is strongly linked to depression, anxiety and longer term…

4 August 2013

Doctor Who: 'Incendiary' Peter Capaldi Is The Twelfth Doctor


'Incendiary' Capaldi is new Doctor Who (via AFP)
Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, best known as the abusive spin doctor in satire "The Thick of It", was on Sunday named as the new eponymous star of cult British series "Doctor Who". The BBC unveiled the 55-year-old Glaswegian as the 12th Time Lord during…

UK: Fracking Fury Hits Idyllic Village


Fracking fury hits idyllic village (via AFP)
Louisa Delpy had never protested before, but when she heard that shale gas extraction might begin in her leafy part of the English countryside, she was so furious that she took to the streets. The 36-year-old mother went with two friends and a home-…

3 August 2013

Tiny French Village To Become 'Oasis' For Ageing British Gays


Tiny French village to become 'oasis' for ageing British gays (via AFP)
Salleles-d'Aude is a picturesque village like so many in France, with vines, a tree-lined canal, a church... and soon, a "private oasis" for ageing British gay people -- reportedly a first in the country. The brainchild of 66-year-old Danny Silver,…

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