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22 April 2014

UK: London Looks To Give Voice To Muted Buskers

LONDON (AFP) ― Concerned that London’s seasoned street musicians are being silenced by excessive regulation, mayor Boris Johnson is leading calls for the buskers’ voices, and guitars, to be heard again.

Camden Town in north London, with its punks and a main street bristling with “alternative” shops, has long been a favored destination for young visitors. But several months ago, buskers were ordered to silence their instruments by 9 p.m.

Some fear that in bowing to the residents’ complaints about noise, Camden has surrendered a slice of its identity.

24 January 2014

6 December 2013

15 November 2013

Princess Anne Suggests Eating Horsemeat


It looks like Princess Anne has given a brand new meaning to the expression "My kingdom for a horse"... 
I'm not too surprised by the reaction of her compatriots though. Horses and rabbits are a no-no when it comes to food in the UK. I remember the first times I carelessly mentioned that I used to eat rabbits in France... I definitely horrified many people by doing so. They kind of looked at me like if I was Hannibal Lecter in person after that. I've learned my lesson since then and now tend to keep very quiet about my former eating habits. Better safe than sorry and all that...

Loup Dargent

14 November 2013

Outrage In France Over New Racist Slur On Black Minister


"...Minute was also the first news outlet to report that former president Francois Mitterrand had a secret daughter -- although such was its reputation for unreliability that no other media followed up its scoop at the time." Yeah... I was actually very surprised to see Minute called a newspaper in this AFP's syndicated article. As far as I remember from when I was still living in France, there was not really any proper news as such in that Far Right rag, just sheer propaganda.

Anyway, read the article and let us know what you think of that so called "newspaper", okay?

Loup Dargent

Outrage in France over new slur on black minister (via AFP)
A weekly newspaper with a front page comparing a black government minister to a monkey hit newsstands in France on Wednesday, despite legal objections and a nationwide outcry over the racist slur. Amid mounting concern over similar recent incidents,…

8 November 2013

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