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15 November 2013

Ker-pow! Batkid Becomes Gotham City Hero For A Day [Video Included]


Ker-pow! Batkid becomes Gotham City hero for a day (via AFP)
A 5-year-old boy with cancer became a superhero for a day Friday, as San Francisco transformed itself into Gotham City and thousands turned out to see the Batkid fly to the rescue. Miles Scott, who was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 18 months old…

22 October 2013

Halloween: Pumpkin Carving Has Now Reached New Depths [Video Included]


I know carving pumpkins for Halloween can be a tad boring, but was it really necessary to go as far as carving them underwater? Those Florida divers in today's video seem to think so...

Hmmm... I might think about it for next year (I have to travel to Florida first, though.. I'm not diving into the sea here in Southend. No way! It's too freaking cold!). Watch this space!

Enjoy the video!

Loup Dargent

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