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28 October 2019

Balt Getty Debuts New Single, 'LOSER' with Eccentric Music Video [Video Included]

Balt Getty - Loser Artwork
Balt Getty - Loser Artwork
The Los Angeles born-and-raised maverick that is Balt Getty is back with another single, just in time for Halloween. The multi-talent creative releases "LOSER," the new theme song for all those who feel different. Everyone, even The Rock, has days that they feel like a loser and Balt Getty is right there with you.

"LOSER" brings a sense of humor and wit to the subject. Balt, himself, feels this way but yet travels the world, designs beautiful clothing, DJs some amazing parties, and still, sometimes he feels like a loser and an alien in this world. The song itself has a catchy melody that's easy to move and sing or rap along with. The lyrics are literally brought to lyrics through the music video, giving viewers an inside look on the real-life of Balt Getty; everything from his art to his clothing line, his drawings, his travels, his music. Intertwined with the lyrics as they're brought to life around the screen with playful effects that give the video some extra oomph.

The Video:

You may already be familiar with Balt Getty from one of his many feature films or TV roles or his newly launched clothing line/store Monk Punk. However, these days the recording artist/DJ is focused on his first love, music, and has been releasing under his alter-ego Balt Getty and working on his visionary collective Purple Haus Music, which has ignited collaborations for everyone from rap legends Wu-Tang Clan to Latin superstar Asdru Sierra.

Balt Getty
Balt Getty
Getty sheds some insight on his ideas behind the new release, "The song LOSER is about feeling different. Feeling like a loser, feeling like a creep, feeling like an outsider. And then drawing parallels with being a Vampire, needing blood to survive. A metaphor for needing attention, needing love. Needing all those things we're always looking for to fulfill ourselves, to fill that hole inside of us I guess. All with a sense of humor of course. Yeah, it's in the title. I'm a loser I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, I'm eccentric. You know, all these things that are a part of me. We see one thing on the outside but often feel differently on the inside. It's sorta cheeky, witty look at that."

SOURCE: Balt Getty

25 October 2019

Saddle Up With George Strait As AXS Celebrates Country Icon's Upcoming Las Vegas Shows With Life-Like Pumpkin Carving For Halloween [Video Included]

An annual tradition, AXS has created a larger-than-life pumpkin sculpture of a music icon. For 2019, the ticketing and technology company selected the best pumpkin from the patch and headed to Texas to hold court with the King of Country himself, George Strait.
An annual tradition, AXS has created a larger-than-life pumpkin sculpture of a music icon. For 2019, the ticketing and technology company selected the best pumpkin from the patch and headed to Texas to hold court with the King of Country himself, George Strait.
For the fourth year in a row, AXS has created a larger-than-life pumpkin sculpture of a music icon. For 2019, AXS selected the best pumpkin from the patch and headed to Texas to hold court with the King of Country himself, George Strait

Soundtracked to Strait's hit singles "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This," "Write This Down" and more, the life-like carving captures Strait's unmistakable rabble-rousing spirit, decking the pumpkin with the singer's trademark Stetson and winning cowboy smile.

The George Strait Pumpkin Video:

AXS created the George Strait pumpkin to celebrate the country giant's upcoming exclusive engagement at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Since 2018, Strait has set up camp in the Entertainment Capital of the World, headlining multiple shows at T-Mobile Arena with more on the way in 2020. 
George Strait
George Strait
The George Strait pumpkin (carved by pumpkin artist Jon Neill) continues AXS' Halloween tradition of carving life-like pumpkins of some of the world's greatest talent. In 2016, the Jon Bon Jovi pumpkin did the rounds, while Slash and Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco transformed into pumpkins in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Now, it's the King's turn.

The Slash Pumpkin Video:

The Brendon Urie Pumpkin Video:


10 October 2019

Get Free Comic Books During Halloween ComicFest at Local Comic Book Shops

Get Free Comic Books During Halloween ComicFest at Local Comic Book Shops
Get Free Comic Books During Halloween ComicFest at Local Comic Book Shops (image via
On Saturday, October 26, participating comic shops across North America and around the world will hand out more than 1.7 million free comics to anyone who comes into their shop during Halloween ComicFest! During the event, anyone who goes into a participating comic shop can choose a free comic from the 28 titles available this year and participate in the fun Halloween-themed activities hosted by the comic shops. 

  • The annual event is a great way to welcome curious, first-time readers as well as longtime comic book fans into local shops to experience all the horror comics and spooky delights comic shops have to offer.
Twenty-eight free comics, including 19 full-size comics and 9 mini comics can be picked up. This year's titles include Marvel Comics' Ghost Rider: King of Hell #1, Iron Man: Road to Iron Man 2020, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #0, Star Wars: Boba Fett #1; DC Comics' DCEASED #1, The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid/ Black Canary: Ignite, and DC Superhero Girls: At Metropolis High; and Pokémon Adventures, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Spook House, among other spooktacular titles for comic readers of all ages.

Halloween ComicFest also features "The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever!", running now through November 1st at 2pm EST. Fans can enter one of five categories – Superhero/Comics, Video Games, TV/Movie, Horror, or Original – just by taking a picture of themselves in costume and submitting the photo on the Halloween ComicFest website. Six winners will be selected at random: five first prize winners who will receive a $50 shopping spree to their local comic shop and one grand prize winner who will receive a $500 shopping spree to their local comic shop!

"We want communities to participate in Halloween ComicFest not only to discover the great selection of comics offered, but also to experience comic shops as premiere destinations for spooky Halloween fun. Your local comic shop is a great place to meet like-minded people and discover new comics and cool pop-culture items available each week and all year long," said Halloween ComicFest spokesperson Ashton Greenwood. "This year is the perfect time to visit your local comic book shop and celebrate Halloween ComicFest!"

  • For more information about Halloween ComicFest, the free comics, costume contest, and to find a participating comic shop, go to It's time to get in your Halloween costume and take your family and friends to check out the free comics and fun at your local comic shop!

About Halloween ComicFest

Halloween ComicFest is an annual event where participating comic book specialty shops across North America and beyond celebrate the Halloween season by giving away free comic books to anyone who comes into their shops. 

The event is held the Saturday before Halloween and is the perfect opportunity to introduce friends and family to the many reasons why comic shops are a great destination for Halloween themed comic books, products and merchandise. 

  • From zombies, vampires, monsters and aliens to costumes and more, comic shops have it all when it comes to Halloween fun!

SOURCE: Halloween ComicFest

23 September 2019

US: Record Numbers Dare to Enter Nation's Haunted Attractions

Most Entertaining Haunted Attractions from left to right: Bates Motel Haunted House, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania; 13th Floor Haunted House, Denver, CO; Haunted Hotel, San Diego, CA; Cutting Edge, Fort Worth, TX; Dent Schoolhouse Haunted House, Cincinnati, OH
A pounding heart, heavy breathing, and cold-shivers from unsettling senses are some of the feelings that entertain haunted house fans by pumping up their adrenaline and releasing screams and laughter. People love a controlled scare for fun. America Haunts, the leading industry association of premiere haunted attractions, reports that the popularity of haunts is growing, especially within mega haunts. These mammoths of scare ushered a record level of visitors in 2018, many exceeding a 9% increase in patrons for the season.

Stirring the spirits to generate crowds takes more than hocus pocus. There is a lot of wicked year-round planning and professional skills needed to entertain and spook the masses. Befittingly, America Haunts recognizes the 5 most entertaining haunted attractions in the U.S. for 2019.

In addition to working late and their penchant for scaring, this group of mega-haunt producers are technological wizards, spooky-set builders, and many of the realistic masks and make-up techniques are their own creations as they are pushed to be better than Hollywood to entertain audiences often just a grasp away.

The top 5 most entertaining haunted houses in the United States are:

  1. Bates Motel Haunted House and Haunted Hayride Philadelphia metro, - Glen Mills, Pennsylvania: This haunt mixes up a triple threat to scare its guests. Aside from the Bates Motel Haunted House, it also has the Haunted Hayride and Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Trail attractions. The realism will make you swear they conjured up dead spirits that elicits visitors to scream with applause throughout this spectacular haunt.
  2. 13th Floor Haunted House Denver, Colorado: One of the world's greatest mysteries is the hidden 13th floor - hidden by building owners but discovered in Denver that goes by elevator straight down. 13th Floor guests witness the unforeseen frights not found anywhere else, plus in 2019 have new attractions: The Other Side, Tales of Unknown, and Clown that promises well-done, scary fun.
  3. Haunted Hotel San Diego metro – Mission Valley, California: There was a "disturbance" in 2019 so wicked that the Haunted Hotel was relocated to bigger digs in Mission Valley - featuring 3 haunted attractions in one location. The undead unearthed by the move are ready to inflict terror at the Haunted Hotel and its hellevator. Kill-billy Chaos, and 3-D Freak-Fest gives even more reason to watch out from this terror-filled place of thrill.
  4. Cutting Edge Fort Worth, Texas: Born from an abandoned meat-packing factory this world-record, largest haunted house packs in horror chills and thrills. Visitors will feel their pulse rise with the dark, rhythmic beats of a nationally acclaimed zombie drum line in this haunt. The Cutting Edge experience includes a cemetery and a Texas-sized swamp where getting out may actually take you six-feet under.
  5. Dent Schoolhouse Haunted House Cincinnati, Ohio: The dark past at Dent Schoolhouse,  where a janitor ended some young lives, makes Dent especially haunting. The looming presence of the spirits in undeniable to all the senses as visitors make their way throughout classrooms, the cafeteria, and more. This school bell conjures up the best cast in the Tri-City's area with help from the supernatural to make this a hands down favorite in the nation for a great night of scares.

About America Haunts:

America Haunts is the national association of top-tier haunted attractions dedicated to excellence in fear-based, sensory entertainment, thrilling more than a million visitors annually. America Haunts' members are recognized for their longevity in the industry, technical expertise, innovative design, and relentless talent with a penchant to generate screams for fun and excitement.

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18 September 2019

Queen of Haunts' Thirteen Top Picks For The Most TERRORific Haunted Attractions In The US

Queen of Haunts, by day Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, presented the TERRORific Haunted Attractions on her 45th seasons
Queen of Haunts, by day Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, presented the TERRORific Haunted Attractions on her 45th seasons
Choosing the best haunted houses in the nation is a labor of love for the Queen of Haunts, also known as Amber Arnett-Bequeaith. She has spent a lifetime in the haunt industry – celebrating forty-five seasons. 

Some of her early memories as a five-year-old was sleeping in a coffin and raising up from it to toss pedals on passersby in her family-owned haunt in Kansas City. The family still owns the haunt it created in 1975, the Edge of Hell, marking it as the nation's oldest operated commercial haunted house. The years following, they expanded to a whole bevy of scare-based attractions including haunts Beast and Macabre Cinema, a ghost and gangsters tour, hayrides, and the Festival of the Full Moon where the Queen of Haunts reigns over scary fun and laughter.

"The most common question I get is what is the best haunted attraction to visit," said the Queen of Haunts. This fright-for-fun expert is quizzed by all types of people – from scare enthusiasts with either a penchant for travel or a bucket-list of thrill goals, or others simply wanting to hear how their local haunt stacks up. While she admits she is hard to scare and knows the inside "tricks of the trade," she favors the haunts where the scares are invented but the fun is for real – best described as "terror-ific".

The United States is a behemoth in the haunt industry, with approximately 1,200 haunts focused on fear-based entertainment – without counting the charity-run, smaller-scale haunts. In the sea of choices, the Queen's picks are sure to cast scares to make fun memories for a lifetime.

The top 13 TERRORific haunted attractions for heart-pounding, hair-raising fun:

  1. Edge of Hell, Kansas City – perhaps close to her beating heart, but this granddaddy of haunts creates a mind-blowing scary experience from heaven to hell and the world's largest serpent is undeniably first-class in fright!
  2. Cutting Edge, Dallas – marches onto the list with the acclaimed zombie drum line and scares that go above and beyond – on the edge of darkness.
  3. Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride, Philadelphia – take it from a seasoned haunt expert, a Bates Motel and haunted hayride will leave you scared out of your wits.
  4. Beast, Kansas City – this time travel to the medieval times where an eye for an eye can be vicious and reflects the monster of men and a sensory-experience that includes jumping out a second-story window.
  5. NETHERWORLD, Atlanta – this sprawling one-story haunt has something for everyone to leave you scared to the bone.
  6. Headless Horseman, New York – a legendary haunt that sits among the hills outside New York where the beheaded horseman made that fateful ride and scares the dickens out of those who venture. The presence of horses ramps the scare beyond horse speed.
  7. Macabre Cinema, Kansas City – the haunt for everyone who loves horror movies but wants to be part of the action – it even includes some real horror movie sets. You won't have time for popcorn in this adrenaline-fueled attraction.
  8. Spooky Woods, Greensboro/Highpoint – thrill-seekers are in for a new kind of scare on the Sudden Death Express train ride – giving new meaning to going off the rails!
  9. Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati – mix a horror back-story of an old schoolhouse with extraordinary haunt technology and you'll swear the spirits are present and inflicting terror.
  10. Erebus, Detroit – a time machine that is disguised as a haunted house to make all the visitors actual guinea pig subjects – leaves them trembling with the prospect this research project is scary.
  11. Haunted Hotel, San Diego – relocated to a bigger space opens the door to even more scares. The crowds are sure to be breathless inside a hotel that leads to mayhem and macabre.
  12. 13th Floor, Chicago – the superstitious naturally know to take heed going to the 13th floor - most buildings hide the floor from access. The adventure into Chicago's 13th floor will make everyone a believer in this dark reality.
  13. 13th Gate, Baton Rouge – Wrapped in history and the eeriness of the dead above ground in mausoleums makes it all the more believable that the nightmare inside these gates will raise the hairs on your neck.

26 October 2018

(Just in Time for Halloween!) "Face of Evil" Haunting Soundtrack Has Now Been Released

"Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.) - Poster
"Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.) - Poster
The original motion picture Soundtrack to the Best Horror Feature New York City International Film Festival, "Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.), is now available on all music platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, Traxsource, iHeartRadio, 7Digital, Medianet, Pandora, Shazam. 
The soundtrack captures the true essence of the thriller/horror movie in an incredible hybrid of different music types, ranging from Electronica Ambient/Progressive/Downtempo/Industrial/Dubstep to Rock, Pop, Trip-Hop and Hip-Hop, with artists like Gram Rabbit, Kid Hustle, Raven Hughes and filmmaker/composer Vito Dinatolo.
⏩ F.O.E. (Face Of Evil) has raised consensus around the country for its very topical issues. The film is about a war vet with PTSD who returns home and sees demons... 
"It's about our fears, of epidemics, terrorism, big brother, of each other... It's about a scapegoat in a devious system... What happens in the mind of the executioner during a shooting rampage? Spoiler alert!" says one man band filmmaker Vito Dinatolo
The cast includes up and coming talents like Jamie BernadetteJanet RothScott BaxterChad BishopBryan HowardCharmane Star.
"Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.)
"Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.)
More About F.O.E. (Face Of Evil):
(Warning! Spoiler Alert!)
Breaking News! War vet with PTSD shoots among the crowd!… Maybe he saw enemies, monsters… It’s about real life. It’s about F.O.E. This is not another shootout zombie flick. It’s about the inner journey of a person on the run from his demons, real or not, from an unknown enemy, who may attack anywhere, anytime. Perhaps it’s the story of a victim, a brainwashed pawn, a scapegoat in a devious system, or perhaps it’s just the story of an unwilling executioner. As fear confuses and deforms reality, Jay meets surreal characters and learns bits of truth on his way to salvation, or perhaps to damnation. The movie touches contemporary issues, like mysterious epidemics, terrorism paranoia, vets PTSD, mass shootings, big brother conspiracy and more. It’s a contemporary tale of realistic madness. Yet, it never loses its focus on entertaining, which is why we watch movies, after all.
"Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.)
"Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.)
F.O.E. is a V-Movie production and is distributed worldwide by Gravitas Ventures on VOD and DVD. The Soundtrack is distributed by Awal. 

All links to film and music platforms can be found on the film's official web page

The main links to F.O.E. Soundtrack are also on Awal's page
"Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.)
"Face Of Evil" (F.O.E.)
The Trailer:

13 September 2018

50 Years After Inventing the Zombie Apocalypse, George A. Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead' Returns to Movie Theaters Just Before Halloween

"Night of the Living Dead" 50th anniversary - Poster
"Night of the Living Dead" 50th anniversary - Poster
A half-century ago, the living dead had their night, but for decades the inexorable dread of George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" has been seen only in murky, fuzzy versions.
On Wednesday, October 24, and Thursday, October 25, only, "Night of the Living Dead" returns to nearly 600 movie theatres nationwide in a newly restored and remastered version presented by Fathom Events, Image Ten Inc. and Living Dead Media, in association with Janus Films and the Criterion Collection. "Night of the Living Dead" will play at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. (local time) both days, presented through Fathom's Digital Broadcast Network (DBN).
⏩ Commemorating its 50th anniversary, "Night of the Living Dead" will be accompanied by a new behind-the-scenes look at the making of this iconic film. 
Tickets for "Night of the Living Dead" are available beginning today at and participating theater box offices. A complete list of theater locations can be found on the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).
Prior to his death in 2017, Romero supervised the restoration of "Night of the Living Dead" in anticipation of the film's 50th anniversary. He worked with the film's sound engineer, Gary Streiner, to restore and remaster the movie in 4K Ultra HD from the original camera negative. 

The Museum of Modern Art, The Film Foundation, The George Lucas Family Foundation, and The Celeste Bartos Film Preservation Center supported the restoration project.
The film tells the deceptively simple story of a group of strangers trapped in a farmhouse and find themselves fending off a horde of recently dead flesh-eating ghouls. Romero's claustrophobic vision of a late-1960s America literally tearing itself apart rewrote the rules of the horror genre, combining gruesome gore with acute social commentary, while quietly breaking ground by casting an African-American actor (Duane Jones) in its leading role.
Named one of the 10 best horror films of all time by Rolling Stone, "Night of the Living Dead" continues to influence pop culture and remains loved by films and critics alike: The film holds a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
"There are not many films that warrant the kind of attention 'Night of the Living Dead' has received from the Museum of Modern Art, but there are also not many films whose influence remains so strong in global popular culture 50 years after it was made. George A. Romero's film has never looked better, and we are proud to present this dazzling new restoration to film lovers and horror fans," said Fathom Events VP of Studio Relations Tom Lucas.
Steve Wolsh, CEO of Living Dead Media, added, "It's been a two-year labor of love to bring this stunning version of 'Night of the Living Dead' into theaters for the 50th anniversary. This movie was intended to be seen in a dark theater with a live audience, and this restoration gives fans and newcomers alike a chance to see the film as they've never seen it before." 
⏩ Please visit the film's Facebook page for all things "Night of the Living Dead."
"Night of the Living Dead" - Poster
"Night of the Living Dead" - Poster
About Living Dead Media: 
Living Dead Media is an independent media company operating in Los Angeles, bringing the "Living Dead" to life across the media landscape in 2018 and beyond. 

Living Dead Media's projects include partnering with Image Ten Productions and Janus Films in the 2018 worldwide release of the remastered "Night of the Living Dead" (1968), the upcoming first-ever "George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead" mobile gaming app, and the original film's never-produced sequel, to be released as "Night of the Living Dead Part II" (2019). 

In addition, Living Dead Media is rolling out a truly masterful "Night of the Living Dead" Ultimate Fan Collector's Box Set through a partnership with FYE stores. 
For more information, visit OfficialNightoftheLivingDead.
SOURCE: Fathom Events

"Night of the Living Dead" - The Original Movie: 

25 October 2017

Stranger Things: Inventiveness In The Age Of The Netflix Original

Winona Ryder in Stranger Things - Netflix
Stranger Things. Netflix
By Arin Keeble, Edinburgh Napier University

The Netflix series Stranger Things, which shortly returns for a second season, was the surprise TV hit of summer 2016. Fans and critics revelled in its allusions to Hollywood hits from the American 1980s in which it is set. Every haircut, every rippling synth pattern, BMX chase and adolescent gesture of friendship seemed to come from an 80s movie. Its young protagonists communicated through references to Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons and the first trailer for season 2 shows them trick-or-treating as the Ghostbusters.

So what made Stranger Things feel fresh and new? Was it somehow innovative in its referencing? It certainly wasn’t because of a new kind of aesthetic recycling, as JJ Abrams had already done an 80s Steven Spielberg pastiche with Super 8, and borrowing or referencing has long been prevalent in American cinema. From Film Noir’s adoption of German expressionist techniques in films like The Maltese Falcon or Touch of Evil to the postmodern genre-mashing of Pulp Fiction, Hollywood storytelling has a rich history of pastiche, allusion and homage.

But what happens when serial TV does this? Stranger Things featured eight hour-long episodes developing characters who inevitably cannot exist solely in the stylistic shoes of Spielberg or Stephen King. And though the referencing is there, the immediate pleasures of its clever nods to E.T. or The Goonies evolve into a more sophisticated meditation on the processes of allusion.
Nostalgia and trauma
The achievement of Stranger Things is twofold. It is not just highly referential – it is actually about referencing. The series explores the way people – especially young people – communicate through patterns of reference or allusion. The programme’s retro register is also paired with an ongoing discussion of what we can see as the opposite of nostalgia – traumatic memory.

The casting of Winona Ryder is integral to this convergence of nostalgia and trauma. Ryder’s star power was born in the 1980s, when she was a teenager, through films like Heathers and Beetlejuice. In the 1990s her screen successes were accompanied by extreme tabloid scrutiny of her personal life. This included high-profile coverage of her struggles with drugs and anxiety. Because of this public history, the casting of Ryder was itself referential, as is the casting of any “star”.

As Keith Reader argued in Intertextualty: Theories and Practice: “The concept of the film star is an intertextual one, relying as it does on correspondences of similarity and difference from one film to the next and on supposed resemblances between on and off-screen personae.” So while Stranger Things’ teen drama story, centring on Nancy Wheeler, evokes the high school world of Heathers, Ryder’s performance as Joyce Byers, draws on her real life experiences. Joyce is a loving, thoughtful, single mother and a sufferer of anxiety. This is exacerbated by the disappearance of her youngest son and for much of the first series she is upset and hysterical.

Stranger Things Season 2 -  Netflix
Stranger Things Season 2. Netflix
Ryder’s performance was widely acclaimed – including by Rolling Stone journalist, Noel Murray, who suggested Stranger Things “brought her back”. Murray notes that the performance is powerful because the show takes advantage of what we already know about Ryder: that she is a “likeable celebrity who’s fallen on hard times”. Joyce’s hysteria certainly carries the power and authenticity of experience and it sharply juxtaposes the nostalgic innocence of Eggo waffles and BMX chases.

Joyce’s experiences are also echoed by other strands of the story. We learn that Chief Hopper is still struggling with the traumatic loss of his daughter and it is inferred that mystery child Eleven, who is the subject of sinister experiments, was taken as an infant from her now-institutionalised mother. Ultimately, Stranger Things’ nostalgic frame magnifies the intensity of its traumatic realism and stories of loss and psychosis.

Navigating an ‘upside down’ world
But Stranger Things is also invested in how its characters communicate through allusion. The boys, Dustin Henderson, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and the missing Will Byers use these references to map out and understand their world – and that of The Upside Down (a dark alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world). In the first episode we learn that they have renamed the streets of their small Indiana town using references to The Hobbit and in episode three, puzzling over the mysterious Eleven, Dustin asks his friends: “I wonder if she was born with her powers like the X-Men or if she acquired them like Green Lantern?

Eleven - Stranger Things
Eleven by Aelini
Sometimes references serve as a code that adults and other kids won’t know – which is important as the boys are outsiders (geeks before geeks were cool). Sometimes references are charged with imaginative and emotional meaning. For example, Mike cites his missing friend’s boldness and bravery in a Dungeon’s and Dragons “campaign” as a reason for him and his friends to be brave in trying to find him in real life.

The ConversationLiterature academic and blogger Aaron Bady has pointed out that what makes Stranger Things’ allusions unique is that it has no “anxiety” over its gratuitous borrowing. This subverts the need “to play authenticity detective.” This is undoubtedly the case and it is striking in the world of “Netflix originals” where everything seems to be an adaptation or re-imagining, like House of Cards or Daredevil. But I believe what sets the show apart is its clever use of allusion to amplify the impact of its depictions of anxiety, trauma and loss and its exploration of allusion as a mode of communication.

About Today's Contributor:
Arin Keeble, Lecturer in Contemporary Literature and Culture, Edinburgh Napier University

This article was originally published on The Conversation

Bonus Pictures:
Stranger Things - Nancy and Jonathan
Stranger Things - Nancy and Jonathan (via JCLF88)
Upside Down, Downside Up - Stranger Things
Upside Down, Downside Up (via NuclearLoop)

16 October 2017

Halloween Partygoers to Raise Money for the IKEA Monkey's Home this Saturday in Toronto

Vegan Social Events, created by Love Wild Live Free, has partnered with UNIVERSEOFÁLI to bring the wonderful world of OZ to life, for their 3rd Annual Halloween Charity Event, benefiting Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary
Vegan Social Events, created by Love Wild Live Free, has partnered with UNIVERSEOFÁLI to bring the wonderful world of OZ to life, for their 3rd Annual Halloween Charity Event, benefiting Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary!
The 'WIZARD OF ODDZ' Halloween Charity Event, benefiting Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, is proudly presented by UNIVERSEOFÁLI in partnership with Vegan Social Events, created by Love Wild Live Free

Guests will journey down the yellow brick road to find themselves at the historic and exclusive Armour Heights Officers Mess. 

This gala-style, costumed event is Toronto's only vegan-friendly Halloween party. It will bring together party-goers from Toronto's professional and corporate communities, the vegan community, the International and Canadian Military communities and the general public, in a non-judgmental and inclusive space.

The 'Flying Monkeys' Balloon Raffle will rule the sky as guests explore the various themed rooms around the mansion. Guests will be welcomed with appetizers by Chef James Snow of Canada Catering and complimentary tasting items curated by Kupfert & Kim, Panago Pizza, Culcherd, and more. 

Pockets Warhol
Pockets Warhol
The event will include a Silent Auction, featuring paintings by Pockets Warhol, a Capuchin Monkey from Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, whose artwork has garnered attention from worldwide news outlets and celebrities including Ricky Gervais and Dr. Jane Goodall. 

Entertainment will include Candy Warhol of Bangs & Blush and live performances featuring a musical number by event co-organizer, Alexandria Beck of UNIVERSEOFÁLI
Beck is an international recording and performing artist and has performed for audiences of up to 60,000 people, including royalty and Heads of State, and opened the first Vancouver Olympic venue. She has been featured on TMZ, CBC, and was the in-house opera singer for the world's foremost luxury department store, Harrods.

  • What: 'WIZARD OF ODDZ' Halloween Charity Event 2017
  • When: Saturday, October 21, 2017
  • Where: Armour Heights Officers Mess, 215 Yonge Boulevard, Toronto
  • Time: 8:00 PM - 1:00 AM 
  • Event Details:
    Darwin the “IKEA Monkey”
    Meet Darwin the “IKEA Monkey”
This event proudly supports Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, home to Darwin the 'IKEA Monkey', a Japanese Macaque whose photo went viral in December 2012, after he was found wandering an Ikea parking lot in North York, Ontario. This 100% volunteer-run sanctuary does important and necessary work, by currently providing a permanent home for 19 primates retiring from biomedical research, zoos, universities, and private residences. 

The exotic pet trade is a growing trend in Canada; according to CTV News, Canada has the worst record in the Western world when it comes to protecting animals. Unfortunately, animal testing for medical and cosmetic purposes still takes place in Canada. As one of two primate sanctuaries in Canada, Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary offers 'freedom from fear', and a place of healing and recovery for primates in need.
U N I V E R S E O F Á L I, is a collective of music, cosplay, and charity. Created by International Recording and Performing Artist, Canadian Military Veteran, Award-winning Cosplayer, and Animal rights and Vegan Advocate, Alexandria Beck.
Love Wild Live Free is a lifestyle blog created by Avra Epstein, a Toronto-based lawyer, animal rights and vegan advocate and creator of Vegan Social Events. Love Wild Live Free has gained a dedicated following and was named by BlogTO as one of "15 Instagram Accounts for Toronto Vegans to Follow."

14 October 2017

As Halloween Creeps Up, 60-Foot Spider Arrives On Orlando's Biggest Web

The invasion of the 60-foot arachnid - Orlando
The invasion of the 60-foot arachnid (Denise Spiegel/Visit Orlando)
Disclaimer: The following might not be suitable for anyone suffering from acute arachnophobia....
Friday the 13th brought the arrival of the newest addition to Orlando's Halloween scene: An invasion of spider-centric social media opportunities, including a 60-foot arachnid and 400-foot web (the largest on the East Coast), tailor made for sharing on the "Web."

As the world's Halloween Vacation Capital, Orlando features an unparalleled 10 weeks of highly-themed holiday experiences including seasonal attractions, special events, hotel packages, and even the largest horror convention in the nation.

"Orlando does Halloween on a scale like nowhere else," said George Aguel, president and CEO of Visit Orlando, the official tourism association for the region. "And we know that social sharing is a big part of Halloween, it's even the most Instagrammed day of the year, so we are showcasing that our themed vacation experiences create both unforgettable memories and the world's coolest photo opportunities."
The newest additions launched this week include:

Giant Spider Selfies and Light Show
Giant spidey selfie time! - Orlando
Giant Spidey Selfie time! (Denise Spiegel/Visit Orlando)
Photo opportunities with a 60-foot spider that overran the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, turning the 400-foot observation wheel into a massive spider web. The lair gets even spookier at night with a 10-minute kaleidoscopic light show synchronized to an iconic Halloween soundtrack. 

Limited-time Custom Snapchat Filter
Sharing the Spidey Selfie on Snapchat (Denise Spiegel/Visit Orlando)
Now through Halloween, a new custom Orlando Halloween snapchat filter frames the unforgettable photo opportunities for visitors to share their own Spider Selfie with friends and family. 

Social media video starring Orlando's "Spider Dog" 
Adding a "trick" to these treats is a social media video of Orlando's "Spider Dog," a prankster pup who scurried about in spider costume, scaring unsuspecting guests in the dark of night.
  • For a full list of Halloween events and attractions throughout Orlando, visitors wanting to plan a ghoulish getaway can visit the destination's new web page, and follow #OrlandoHalloween on Visit Orlando's social media channels.
Dead Waters Haunted House (Denise Spiegel/Visit Orlando)
Orlando: Halloween Vacation Capital℠
AAA recently named Orlando the top destination for fall travel, based on AAA travel bookings.

As the Halloween Vacation Capital, Orlando brings the season to life through 10 weeks of highly themed activities including theme park events, attractions, the largest horror convention in the nation, spooky hotel packages and much more. 

The world famous theme parks also bring a unique level of cinematic-level sophistication to these entertainment experiences, whether it is the spine-chilling terror of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, or the family-friendly fun of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World and Halloween Spooktacular at SeaWorld Orlando.

Halloween Spooktacular - Orlando
Halloween Spooktacular (Denise Spiegel/Visit Orlando)
  • October kicks off the height of the Halloween season in Orlando, although some of the festivities started as early as August 25 and extend as late as November 4.

SOURCE: Visit Orlando

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