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1 November 2018

From Star Wars to Stars of the Bolshoi, The 13th Annual Festival of the Arts BOCA Presents "Stellar" Line-Up

Festival of the Arts BOCA
Festival of the Arts BOCA (image via
The 13th Annual Festival of the Arts BOCA, presented by the Schmidt Family Centre for the Arts, returns to the Mizner Park Amphitheater and Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center in Boca RatonFebruary 28 – March 10, 2019, with a celebration of music, film, dance, concerts and authors. 
Opening the Festival of the Arts BOCA on Thursday, February 28 is Doris Kearns Goodwin, beloved five-time Festival presenter, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and presidential historian.  She will discuss her latest book, Leadership in Turbulent Times
"We are over-the-moon to welcome our dear friend and long-time supporter, Doris Kearns Goodwin to this year's Festival, as well as Arturo Sandoval, who is back for a third time," said Charlie Siemon, Chair and Co-Executive Producer of the Festival of the Arts BOCA.  "We have a fun mix of performances and a powerhouse of thinkers lined up for our 13th season."
⏩ The "force" will be with the Festival on Friday, March 1 as Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope gets its Florida premiere on the big screen to live music by The Symphonia, led by Constantine Kitsopolous, playing John Williams' epic Academy Award-winning score.

Other Festival highlights include:
  • Rhapsody in Blue, an evening of orchestral blockbusters performed by The Symphonia 
  • Pink Martini, the wildly popular group described as "The United Nations house band of 1962 meets Lawrence Welk on acid" in an exclusive South Florida appearance 
  • An Evening of Classical Russian Ballet featuring Stars from the  Russian National Orchestra and the Bolshoi Ballet 
  • Nu Deco Ensemble, an innovative Miami-based virtuosic and eclectic chamber orchestra designed for the 21st century 
  • 10-time Grammy winner Arturo Sandoval and his band
Arturo Sandoval will perform at the Festival of the Arts BOCA on Sunday, March 10 2019.
Arturo Sandoval will perform at the Festival of the Arts BOCA on Sunday, March 10 2019.

The Authors and Ideas program features:
  • Constitutional scholar and author Jeffrey Rosen who will speak about the Constitution in the 21st Century 
  • The screening of Bending the Arc, a documentary that tells the story of idealistic young doctors who helped change the way public health issues are addressed in developing nations, followed up with a panel discussion, "Global Public Health Today and Tomorrow," featuring Dr. Agnes Binagawaho and Tom Bollyky 
  • PoemJazz with former Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky, who will read his poetry while accompanied by a small jazz ensemble 
  • Pulitzer Prize winning writer, David Sanger, who will talk about his latest book, The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage and Fear in the Cyber Age
⏩ Tickets for the 13th Annual Festival of the Arts BOCA range from $25 to $150 per person and are available at or by calling (866) 571-ARTS (866-571-2787). 
SOURCE: Festival of the Arts BOCA
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24 May 2018

Versions Of Han Solo's Blaster Exist – And They're Way More Powerful Than Real Lightsabers Would Be


Harrison Ford as Han Solo with his blaster in the old Star Wars triology.
Harrison Ford as Han Solo with his blaster in the old Star Wars triology.(BagoGamesFlickr, CC BY-SA)
People who think physics is boring couldn’t be more wrong. It can explain everything from spooky interactions on the tiny scale of atoms and particles to how the entire universe behaves. As if that wasn’t enough, it can also be used to assess how realistic futuristic technology in science fiction is. My area of expertise – plasma physics – can explain many aspects of both lightsabers and the Death Star within Star Wars lore, for example.

I’ve now worked out how feasible the blaster weapons used by, among others, the Star Wars character Han Solo are – and how they compare with lightsabers. In fact, real life versions of these weapons have already been developed. So with the prequel film Solo: A Star Wars Story being released, it seemed fitting to share this “research”.

The key to understanding Star Wars technology is plasmas – a so-called “fourth state of matter” (in addition to solids, liquids and gases). This comprises freely flowing electrically charged particles which naturally interact with electric and magnetic fields. Plasmas are common in space but they rarely exist naturally on Earth. However, it is possible to produce them in laboratories.

Powerful plasmoids
A common misconception about blasters is that they are laser weapons. But within the Star Wars canon, people realised that this wouldn’t make sense. Instead writers stated that a blaster wasany type of ranged weapon that fired bolts of intense plasma energy, often mistaken as lasers” and that it “converted energy rich gas to a glowing particle beam that could melt through targets”. This means that blaster bolts (glowing projectiles) are simply blobs of plasma – similar to a lightsaber flying through the air.

Han Solo’s BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol on display at Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
Han Solo’s BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol on display at Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (Quarax/wikipedia, CC BY-SA)

Coherent masses of plasma and their associated magnetic fields are known as plasmoids. Within the Earth’s protective shield in space – the magnetosphere – plasmoids are commonly generated by a poorly understood process called magnetic reconnection. This is an explosive reconfiguration of magnetic field lines that can take place wherever there is plasma present, in particular when plasmas are forced together. When this happens in our magnetosphere, charged particles are accelerated into the top of the atmosphere – causing the aurora, or northern lights. A huge amount of material is also ejected away from the Earth as plasmoids.

However, it isn’t easy to create plasmoids on Earth. Many of the demonstrations that we can do (unlike the ones in space) produce structures which quickly expand and dissipate in the air. The solution to this problem is to use magnets – their fields can contain the hot plasma.

However, blaster bolts are projectiles so it’s not possible to have an externally powered magnet present at all times during their rapid journey. Thankfully, though, there is a solution. As plasmas are highly conductive, it is possible to set up electrical currents within the plasmoid itself. These currents, like all currents, generate magnetic fields that can confine the plasma. Such arrangements are known as spheromaks and they have received renewed interest in plasma physics experiments over the last 20 years.

Real versions
One way to create a spheromak is to use a “plasma railgun”, a device which uses an external magnet to induce currents in the plasma as well accelerate it up to high speeds. In fact, speeds of 200 km/s have been achieved with these spheromaks lasting some hundreds of microseconds. This is very impressive and certainly within the realms of use as a weapon.

Indeed, from the 1970s onward, the SHIVA Star programme (named after the multi-limbed Hindu god) at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, conducted various “arms” of research into this kind of plasma physics. One of these, known as MARAUDER (magnetically accelerated ring to achieve ultrahigh directed energy and radiation), was one of several US government efforts to develop projectiles based on plasmas.

The weapon was able to produce doughnut-shaped rings of plasma and balls of lightning that exploded with devastating thermal and mechanical effects when hitting their target and produced a pulse of electromagnetic radiation that could scramble electronics. However, its status as of 1993 remains classified.

The temperatures achieved in such devices so far are up to a thousand times hotter than the surface of the sun. With enough plasma in each bolt these would cause huge amounts of damage, so the blaster as presented in the Star Wars films looks to be quite feasible indeed.

But how would these real life blaster weapons fare against the other iconic Star Wars weapon, the lightsaber? A blaster bolt is essentially equivalent to a lightsaber blade, just without the hilt. But as I’ve mentioned before, magnetic reconnection is unavoidable when two magnetically confined plasmas meet. This is the case when two lightsabers collide, causing explosive destruction of both the weapons and the people holding them. However, with a blaster you are far away from that explosion – leaving you totally unscathed.

So it turns out that Han Solo was right when he said “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.”

About Today's Contributor:
Martin Archer, Space Plasma Physicist, Queen Mary University of London

This article was originally published on The Conversation

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11 April 2018

Renault Joins Forces with "Solo: A Star Wars Story" to Take Customers on the Alternative Road [Video Included]

Image from the Renault's "Star Wars" TV commercial [starring Chewbacca]
Image from the Renault's "Star Wars" TV commercial [starring Chewbacca]
Are you ready to take the regular road with Renault?
Does Renault’s alternative road have you considering the regular road with Renault? From browsing articles about ‘How the 10 Worst Renault Trafic Sports Fails of All Time Could Have Been Prevented to checking out a lease on a new Renault KADJAR, if you’re inspired by Renault, it might be time to look into purchasing that new motor. You don’t have to invest in an entirely new vehicle either - you could consider lease or secondhand options to find a car you’d be happy to take on a new journey.
Renault is teaming up with "Solo: A Star Wars Story" to provide a thrilling experience for its customers ahead of the launch of the film, released in UK cinemas on 24 May 2018.
From April to July 2018, Renault is inviting everyone to 'take the alternative road' through a pan-European campaign - designed and produced in collaboration with Lucasfilm, Disney and Publicis Conseil. For the French car manufacturer, this is an unprecedented collaboration which will be live in 25 countries throughout Europe.
When Renault joins forces with "Solo: A Star Wars Story", it's natural to expect adventure. In the all-new movie featuring the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy, we'll find out how taking the alternative road led Han Solo to meet his mighty future co-pilot, Chewbacca. Now, thanks to the features of Renault KADJAR - 4x4 transmission, emergency breaking system and blind-spot alerts - Renault is offering its customers their chance to 'take an alternative road' too.
Image from the Renault's "Star Wars" TV commercial [starring Chewbacca]
Image from the Renault's "Star Wars" TV commercial [starring Chewbacca]
Live out your "Solo: A Star Wars Story" dream with Renault 
From 9 April 2018, Renault is giving everyone the opportunity to be a part of Han and Lando's adventure in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" in selected dealerships*: Visitors will be invited to watch an exclusive scene from the upcoming film, seven weeks before its release. To add even more excitement, the preview is brought to life through virtual reality (VR) technology.
*Available at dealerships in the following countries: UK; IrelandNetherlandsPortugalSwitzerlandAustriaPolandCzech RepublicSwedenDenmarkBelgium

Image from the Renault's "Star Wars" TV commercial [starring Chewbacca]
Image from the Renault's "Star Wars" TV commercial [starring Chewbacca]
Are you ready to take the alternative road? 
Renault has also partnered with Shazam to provide those on their commute a chance to taste the Renault and "Solo: A Star Wars Story" experience - at their bus stop. Taking part is simple: participants just have to use their Shazam app to scan the Renault and "Solo: A Star Wars Story" out of home advertising - then the adventure begins.
This activation launches a video where the user can explore the Renault KADJAR, observing each aspect of the vehicle as if it was just in front of their eyes via augmented reality. Users then click through to learn more about the features of the vehicle.
The augmented reality experience is just one part of the fully integrated campaign, which also includes a TV spot that stars Chewbacca. Renault also worked with leading visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic, known for their work on the Star Wars films, to create the special effects in the TV spot.
In addition to the exclusive in-dealership and Shazam experiences, Renault is also running a national competition which will provide those who enter the chance to win a variety of goodies and "money can't buy" experiences. Consumers can enter the competition by visiting their nearest dealership.
Alongside the TV spot, press and out of home materials communicating to the general public, the majority of the assets developed will be published on digital platforms. The content has been developed with customer profiles at its heart, providing a tailored experience for each different audience.
Image from the Renault's "Star Wars" TV commercial [starring Chewbacca]
Image from the Renault's "Star Wars" TV commercial [starring Chewbacca]

SOURCE:  Publicis Conseil and Renault

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3 April 2018

Denny's Joins Forces With "Solo: A Star Wars Story" To Help Fight Childhood Hunger

Denny's "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Topps Trading Cards.
Denny's "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Topps Trading Cards. Each pack contains two exclusive character cards and a Denny’s coupon. A portion of all trading card sales benefits No Kid Hungry
Thanks to Denny's, America won't have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to experience its own taste of "Solo: A Star Wars Story." Starting today, Star Wars fans and guests across the country will be able to get their hands on a variety of movie-inspired items, including a bold new menu and exclusive "Solo: A Star Wars Story" trading cards only available at Denny's -- all while helping a great cause in the process. Net proceeds from the sale of all trading card packs will benefit Denny's longtime partner, No Kid Hungry, to help kick childhood hunger into outer space.
Han Solo
Han Solo
"We are thrilled to collaborate with the team at Lucasfilm and No Kid Hungry for the much-anticipated release of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story,'" said John Dillon, chief marketing officer for Denny's. "We're incredibly excited to join forces and bring America an out-of-this-world campaign that will not only feed the excitement of every Star Wars fan and Denny's guest, but will also do some good along the way by helping fight childhood hunger and raise awareness for this important mission." 
"Since 2011, we have been so proud to partner with Denny's in the fight to end childhood hunger, and we are honored to be part of this unique promotion," said Diana Hovey, senior vice president at No Kid Hungry. "Ending childhood hunger takes all of us working together, and we're so grateful to have the support of both Denny's and Lucasfilm. Denny's has been a key partner of the No Kid Hungry campaign, and to date has helped connect kids in need to more than 63 million meals, proving that together we can truly end child hunger in the U.S."
Each exclusive "Solo: A Star Wars Story" trading card pack, only available at Denny's in-store and via 'Denny's on Demand', includes two of 12 different character cards, featuring Han Solo, Chewbacca, Qi'ra, Lando Calrissian and more, in addition to a Denny's coupon for future use. A portion of all sales from the $3 trading card packs--with a minimum guaranteed donation of $1 million--will be donated to No Kid Hungry to help provide meals to children in need.
To kick off the promotional campaign, Denny's has released its own "Solo: A Star Wars Story"-inspired national TV spot, "Hand of Sabacc." Set inside the lodge from "Solo: A Star Wars Story," the spot features two young adversaries, who imagine that they are squared off in a high-stakes card game as characters from the Star Wars universe, including Chewbacca, watch from around the booth. Denny's worked closely with Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound and enlisted the help of acclaimed production designer Neil Lamont and Oscar-winning creature and Special Makeup Effects Supervisor Neal Scanlan -- both of whom worked on Star Wars films "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" -- to create an authentic Star Wars environment for the spot.
Star Wars fans can also fuel up with their crew with Denny's movie-inspired menu, featuring bold new items that will send guests' taste buds into hyperdrive. Available 24/7, Denny's new menu includes the Co-Reactor Pancakes, featuring fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce and whipped cream, plus a side of Crystal Crunch Rocks and a pitcher of warm citrus sauce to pour over the pancakes; the Blaster Fire Burger, which offers up chipotle gouda cheese, bacon and spicy Ghost Pepper sauce top a hand-pressed 100 percent beef patty; along with the new Two Moons Skillet and Denny's Lightspeed Slam. Guests can also activate their taste buds by adding a side of Crystal Crunch rocks to their favorite Milk Shake.
⏩ If that wasn't enough, guests can also enjoy their favorite beverage in one of Denny's Limited Edition "Solo: A Star Wars Story" collector cups featuring characters from the film and topped with a Millennium Falcon lid.
Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian
About No Kid Hungry:
"No child should go hungry in America, but 1 in 6 kids will face hunger this year. Using proven, practical solutions, No Kid Hungry is ending childhood hunger today by ensuring that kids start the day with a nutritious breakfast, eat healthy summer meals, and families learn the skills they need to shop and cook on a budget. When we all work together, we can make sure kids get the healthy food they need. No Kid Hungry is a campaign of national anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength. Join us at"

About "Solo: A Star Wars Story":
"Solo: A Star Wars Story" - Poster
"Solo: A Star Wars Story" - Poster

Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in "Solo: A Star Wars Story," an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo befriends his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and meets the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga's most unlikely heroes.

The film stars Alden EhrenreichWoody HarrelsonEmilia ClarkeDonald Glover,Thandie NewtonPhoebe Waller-Bridge and Paul Bettany.
Ron Howard directs "Solo: A Star Wars Story," and Kathleen KennedyAllison Shearmur and Simon Emanuel are the producers. Lawrence KasdanJason McGatlinPhil Lord and Christopher Miller serve as executive producers. Lawrence & Jonathan Kasdan wrote the screenplay. 
Lucasfilm's "Solo: A Star WarsStory" opens nationwide May 25.
Fans will be able to experience Denny's promotional campaign with "Solo: A Star Wars Story" through June 26 and can visit for more information or to find their local restaurant and place an online order. 
SOURCE: Denny's

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21 March 2018

Disney Music Group Set To Release First 6 Remastered Star Wars Original Motion Picture Soundtracks On May 4

Star Wars Catalog artwork (PRNewsfoto/Walt Disney Records)
Star Wars Catalog artwork (PRNewsfoto/Walt Disney Records)
Since the release of the first Star Wars movie 40 years ago, the Star Wars saga has had a seismic impact on both cinema and culture, inspiring audiences around the world with its mythic storytelling, captivating characters, groundbreaking special effects and iconic musical scores composed by John Williams.

On May 4th, Walt Disney Records is set to release the original motion picture soundtracks for the first six Star Wars films: A New Hope (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Return of the Jedi (1983), The Phantom Menace (1999), Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005). With scores composed and conducted by Academy Award®-winning composer John Williams, each album has been remastered, features new artwork and a collectible mini-poster. 

The soundtracks were reconstructed from new hi-resolution (24/192) transfers supervised by Shawn Murphy and Skywalker Sound. In addition to physical, each soundtrack is also available digitally.

John Williams
   John Williams (image via NME)
John Williams is well known for scoring all eight of the Star Wars saga films to date, beginning with 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope for which he earned an Academy Award® for Best Original Score. His score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was nominated for an Oscar® and most recently, Star Wars: The Last Jedi received an Oscar nomination.

Williams has won five Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, seven British Academy Film Awards, five Emmy Awards and 23 Grammy Awards. With 51 Academy Award nominations, Williams is the Academy's most nominated living person and the second most-nominated individual in history, after Walt Disney. In 2005, the American Film Institute selected Williams' score to 1977's Star Wars as the greatest American film score of all time. 

The soundtrack to Star Wars also was preserved by the Library of Congress in the National Recording Registry, for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." Williams was inducted into the Hollywood Bowl's Hall of Fame in 2000, and he received the Kennedy Center Honors in 2004, the National Medal of Arts in 2009, and the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2016. 

Mark Hamill, John Williams & Harrison Ford at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.
Mark Hamill, John Williams & Harrison Ford at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.
Williams has composed the scores for eight of the top 20 highest-grossing films at the U.S. box office (adjusted for inflation).
Pre-orders are available at:

⏩ The Star Wars: A New Hope 40th Anniversary 3-LP Collector's Edition hologram vinyl is available at Disney Music Emporium,

10 October 2017

New Star Wars Trailer Revealed – But Is The Force Still Strong With This One?


Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Poster
They’re back! (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK)
By Keith M. Johnston, University of East Anglia

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy not that far away, the trailer for Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace opened with the promise that “every generation has a legend”. Although it was not ultimately the film many fans were looking for, that trailer was very well received and – after Lucasfilm responded to fan demand and made it available online – it inadvertently ushered in a new era of online trailer viewing and audience commentary.

Almost 20 years later, the new Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi trailer faces a different pressure. While the trailer reveals (and obscures) much about the forthcoming feature, it also needs to steady the nerves of fans who are concerned about the health of the long-running Star Wars franchise.

With directors leaving (or being replaced) on the upcoming Han Solo and Episode IX films, and the release date of Episode IX put back to December 2019, The Last Jedi trailer must steady the (space)ship – and set the stage for Disney to make a lot of money.

So, how did it do?
It’s no surprise that this is a slick piece of modern movie marketing. The trailer will have been put together, taken apart, and tested to within an inch of its audio-visual life before its television and internet debut last night.

Notably, the two-and-a-half minute taster is linked by four pieces of significant dialogue – from Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis), Rey (Daisy Ridley), Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) – and none of them hint at a happy ending. Visually, we get a fast-paced montage of new (and old) locations, characters, and much-loved Star Wars iconography. This includes glimpses of X-wings, TIE-fighters, AT-ATs, the Millennium Falcon – and a species of birdlike critter that may or may not be the new trilogy’s Ewok. In many ways, it is reminscent of the darker second instalment of the original trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back.
Trailer audiences responded positively to familiar iconography when The Force Awakens trailer was released two years ago. At that time, my trailer audience project found that people responded most positively to nostalgic cues from the classic, original trilogy. “You saw the Millennium Falcon” and “Harrison Ford’s appearance” were key positives.
But while The Force Awakens trailer featured the star return of Han Solo and Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon and spin-off Rogue One the looming presence of the Death Star, The Last Jedi arguably features no such whizzbang moment. Instead, the moody monologues of Luke, Rey, and Ren (who may or may not be trying to kill Princess Leia) suggest a gloomier narrative focus for the film. Newer characters Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), BB-8 and Finn (John Boyega) are only briefly glimpsed, with the latter fighting Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie, badly wasted in The Force Awakens) on what appears to be the rumoured casino planet Canto Blight.

The three most suggestive moments, then, are those that push the story in a new direction. First, Luke’s apparent (we can never be sure how much we are being misdirected) worrying about Rey’s power, echoing Ben Solo turning into the darker Ren and Annakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader, complicates the expected Luke-Rey training narrative. Then there’s the hint that Ren and Rey could work together, leading to further speculation about Rey’s heritage (as the main new lightsaber-wielder without a clear Skywalker or Kenobi connection).

For me, however, the most intriguing moment is when Ren and General Leia (Carrie Fisher) seem to share a telepathic connection in the midst of a major space battle – a connection which possibly prevents him from firing on her ship. As Leia’s Force sensitivity is rarely discussed in the films, this could be leading somewhere important.

Are we being duped?
Of course, the trailer could be a masterpiece of misdirection, editing together elements that may not be directly related in the finished film. After all, the success of the initial teaser for The Phantom Menace still rankles with some trailer viewers – one noted “I’ve been burnt before (see Phantom Menace)” – while others are wary of trailers more generally.
Indeed, some viewers have adopted Yoda-style exile to try and avoid trailers completely, hoping to create “a fresh cinema experience” so that they won’t “get spoiled by it” – an opinion Last Jedi director Rian Johnson seemed to share. On Twitter, he first advised fans NOT to watch this latest trailer.

But then changed his mind, shouting:

Overall, The Last Jedi trailer strives to achieve the same balance as The Force Awakens – harking back to the past while promising a new future. As one of our survey responses noted, The Force Awakens trailer did “a good job of triggering nostalgia while introducing new concepts and characters”.

While The Last Jedi may lack The Force Awakens’ Han Solo moment, its suggestion of Luke’s expanded role, more detail on Rey’s background, narrative complications, and at least three major battle locations, including one which looks startlingly like the AT-AT assault on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, will calm nerves around the franchise, and ensure a healthy audience come December 15.
The Conversation

Ultimately, it seems the Force remains strong with this one …

About Today's Contributor:
Keith M. Johnston, Reader in Film & Television Studies, University of East Anglia

This article was originally published on The Conversation

31 August 2017

Wanted: Star Wars Droid Inventors

With the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit, kids can create their own custom Droid and bring it to life for the first time ever!
With the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit, kids can create their own custom Droid and bring it to life for the first time ever!
littleBits, the award-winning company that empowers kids to be inventors, today announced the launch of its Droid Inventor Kit, which enables kids to create their own Droid. An integral part of the global launch of Disney and Lucasfilm's Force Friday II, the Droid Inventor Kit brings Droids to life, inspiring imagination and invention for kids around the world. Kids can easily create and power up their own mechanical companion using littleBits electronic Bits--along with the free Droid Inventor app--to send their creation on more than 17 special Star Warsmissions, complete with authentic droid sounds from the Star Wars films. 
As they unlock new capabilities and level up their Droid Inventor skills, kids can also learn how to create their own custom R2 Units and experiences, combining play with real hands-on learning.
"Today we are continuing a global inventor movement that empowers young people to participate in a story that inspires them to be creators, not just consumers of technology," said Ayah Bdeir, founder & CEO of littleBits. "We've created a gender-inclusive product that celebrates kids' own self-expression and ingenuity, while showcasing the same characteristics of imagination, grit and invention that are embodied in the Star Wars franchise."
With invention at its core, the Droid Inventor Kit fosters creativity and problem-solving skills. In-app challenges encourage kids to reconfigure the littleBits technology in new and unique ways, in combination with household items, so they can create their own custom Droids such as a delivery Droid, a room guardian, and more.
The Droid Inventor Kit includes all the components needed for kids to create their very own Droid. A free app (iOS and Android) completes the experience, providing step-by-step instructions and how-to videos.
  • The app guides kids as they put together their Droid and control it in Drive Mode, Self-Nav, Force Mode, and more, making it the ultimate galactic sidekick.
  • After mastering their Droid Inventor skills, kids continue on to challenges that spark creativity and inspire them to create unique new Droids.
  • Each littleBits electronic block has a different function such as a power, motor, or sensor, which kids can use with their Droid in new and exciting ways.
  • Included stickers and in-app missions encourage kids to customize their Droid using crafts or household objects, giving their Droid its own special personality.
  • Kids will take pride in creating any Droid they imagine, and parents will love the endless play opportunities.
Using the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit and the free Droid Inventor app, kids will teach their R2 Unit new tricks and take it on 16+ missions.
Using the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit and the free Droid Inventor app, kids will teach their R2 Unit new tricks and take it on 16+ missions.
The company is committed to bringing more girls into STEM/STEAM by designing products that are gender-inclusive and celebrating female inventors. littleBits products currently see adoption by girls at around thirty-five percent--an industry high.
"The littleBits Droid Inventor Kit has the elements to be one of this year's hot toys," said Jim Silver, CEO and editor-in-chief of TTPM. "It combines the huge fandom of Star Wars, STEAM, and tons of creative fun. Its open-ended design and deep engagement will be particularly appealing for both kids and parents, ensuring long-lasting interest through repeat play."
The Droid Inventor Kit comes with 20 Droid parts, six Bits, three sticker sheets, as well as a free download of the littleBits Droid Inventor app. The Droid Inventor Kit retails for $99.95 and is available now at Walmart stores nationwide, Amazon, Apple Store, Disney Store, and 
littleBits Droid Inventor Kit
littleBits Droid Inventor Kit
For more information and a complete list of global retail locations, please visit:

Source: littleBits

Bonus Video:

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