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29 January 2013

Know the Risks of Identity Theft [Infographic]


With nearly 12 million Americans reporting incidents of identity theft each year, now is the time to practice as much online caution as possible. Though many savvy users have passed the point of being scammed by a supposed Nigerian prince, there are still plenty of online thieves looking for their next prey.

In fact, online scams are becoming more and more intricate, so that sometimes it’s difficult to tell which online offerings are real and which are fake. Anyone who is unsure of a website’s legitimacy should research it. If a source of suspicion can’t be verified as legitimate, don’t offer up any personal information.

Many scams are easy to spot because they seem too good to be true. If someone offers you thousands of dollars for relatively little in exchange, it’s a good rule of thumb to assume this person is up to no good. When you flag such a scam, you could do a great deal of good by spreading the word. Tell your ISP or email provider when you come across a potential threat.

1 April 2012

A Greener World. Without Spam [Infographic]

Our world is slowly realizing the effects of our time here on earth.  Our over consumption for nearly all things has left a large footprint on the world, and now it’s taking its toll.  To make matters worse, it seems these things simply compound.  With better technology comes more energy consumption, and the replacing of old gadgets has led to the increasing size of some astonishingly large landfills.  Even online we continue to get more spam emails, which also take a toll on our environment.  Don’t believe me? Look at this infographic produced by Internet Marketing Agency, WebpageFX, a company known for their SEO packages. But we can have a greener world by implementing a couple of strategies.  And it only takes 3 simple steps.  Firstly, we can help to eliminate spam by forwarding the emails to  Secondly, by installing a spam filter.  And finally, by telling others! 

17 July 2011

Oh Smurf! Looks Like The FBI Has Finally Caught Up With Me

You thought that I was one of the good guys, didn't you?
Well, according to an email I've recently received from the FBI, it appears that I've been fooling you (and myself as well in the process) all along and that  I'm actually a very bad wolf, a potential fraudster and... wait for it... even a possible terrorist.

Now, that definitely makes Rupert Murdoch look like an angel compared to me... Yikes!

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