The Glamour Of Holography On The Silver And Small Screens

As the editor of Holography News, it's always fascinating to see the latest trends in holography streets behind the fantastical science fiction world's vision of what the technology should achieve. The interesting thing is that holographic images in films have changed from simple visions in cinema's earlier days to being clones of humanity in more recent productions, while in real life the humble hologram is, for the moment, still used for security and authentication. Although the real life technology has made huge strides, the development it has seen in cinema and television has become a whole different world which now resembles holography in name alone. 

Here's an abridged history of the key film and television programs that have seen holography develop from a moving image, to developing independent thought and life… 

5 Best Movies To Teach Important Money Questions

There are some films that teach us lessons we didn't expect. All that you need to do is look a little deeper at the meaning behind the story to find your own personal parable. This is the basis for any good story telling: to have something beneath the surface that rings true to real life. Seeing a film that follows this rule will always make it a more rewarding viewing experience.

When it comes to learning about money, modern and classic cinema are both full of examples. Check out these flicks that do more than entertain, they also teach us a bit about finances, and the do's and dont's of personal money handling.

The One About The Election-Themed "Canadian Revolution" Music Video [Video + Lyrics Included]

While browsing through my PR Newswire account, the following news item caught my eye:
"TORONTOSept. 23, 2015 /CNW/ - Toronto-based singer/rapper Gaiaisi (Gaia's Eye) has released a controversial election-themed music video, filmed on Parliament Hill, that is currently going viral, having reached over 40,000 people on YouTube and Facebook in just 4 days since its initial release."
So, as I do love songs with a message, I had a proper look, watched the video... and decided to share it with you.


Loup Dargent

Films That Explored The Future Of Information Technology

Movies with events that were set around twenty or a hundred years from now are very interesting. Everyone is always intrigued of things that they haven’t seen yet and are about to happen. No wonder that another artificial intelligence movie would be a big hit in the US and in other parts of the world. 

But before a futuristic movie appears again, let us remind ourselves that we had enough of these innovative treats and advanced spoilers which came from movies we have watched not a very long time ago. If we recollect our memories of these fantastic films, we may realize that these sci-fi creations have explored the future of information technology.

The One About The 'Seinabo Sey: Silent Bus Sessions - Younger [A Capella]' Video

"For the first time, an a cappella version of ”Younger” - recorded live on a very quiet electric bus in Gothenburg, Sweden. A magic journey with Seinabo Sey and amazed passengers on the number 55 bus on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon..." 

And, we've got the video of it and all, so that you can experience that wonderful musical moment too!


Loup Dargent

PS: Feel free to sing along while watching... I'm sure people around you will understand (Trust me, I'm The Loupster) ;-)

Thank You Britain [Video-Clip Included] #RefugeesWelcome

The following is a very heartwarming email I've received earlier on from "38 Degrees". It shows that, despite what the many uncaring and hateful stuff we come across on Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis could make us believe, there are still plenty of caring and loving people out there. 
In a way, it restored my faith in humanity... and, I'm pretty sure that it'll do the same for you. 
Read it and ... keep smiling.
Loup Dargent

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