5 May 2016

Trump-Spoofing Card Game Is A Big Deal

TrumpIt! The "Art of the Dealer" game combines strategy and satire. Game package includes custom deck with orange Hearts and Diamonds, tokens, rules, and collectible metal box. (PRNewsFoto/ROSUSANA, LLC)
TrumpIt! puts a playful spin on political gamesmanship and turns the (card) tables on the presidential election

The wild 2016 presidential campaign has inspired a new card game that captures the colorful personality of the haystack-haired GOP nominee

4 May 2016

Antisemitism Row: Why Animosity On The Labour Left Still Runs So Deep

The hard left has a knack for getting itself in a tight spot. Anthony Devlin/PA
By Eric Shaw, University of Stirling

Once again, old wounds in the Labour Party have been ripped open. This time, former London mayor Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the party having been accused of antisemitism. His fellow party member John Mann was filmed berating him in the street, accusing him of being a Nazi sympathiser.

This spat has once more highlighted the intense animosity between those on the right of the party and the so-called hard or radical left. Livingstone was, after all, virtually a founding member of the latter group, as were the party’s current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and many of his closest advisers and lieutenants.

2 May 2016

What #Brexit Would Mean For Relations Between India And The UK

Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA
By Paul James Cardwell, University of Sheffield and Navajyoti Samanta, University of Sheffield

Much of the debate about Britain’s impending referendum on membership of the European Union so far has focused on external trade and the UK’s standing in the world. President Barack Obama intervened to say that the UK would not find new trade deals easy to conclude, even with strong allies. While relations with Canada and China have entered the discussion, little has been said about India.

This is surprising, given India’s strong links with the UK and status as the world’s fastest growing economy and world leader for inward investment.

1 May 2016

US: Moviegoers Get Excited For New "Ghostbusters" Film With A Re-Release Of The Original Classic And Special Immersive Experiences

In anticipation of the worldwide release of Ghostbusters, starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, in theaters July 15, 2016, audiences will get a chance to build their excitement for the new film by revisiting the classic 1984 movie, directed by Ivan Reitman, written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, and starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson, as Fathom Events brings moviegoers a nationwide limited-time re-release of the classic, and, in New York City, BBQ Films presents a special, immersive Ghostbusters experience.

30 April 2016

Labour Antisemitism Row: There Was Nothing Zionist About Hitler’s Plans For The Jews

By Rainer Schulze, University of Essex

When the former London mayor Ken Livingstone said in an interview that Hitler was “supporting Zionism” before he “went mad and ended up killing six million Jews”, he was quickly suspended from the Labour Party, which was already in the throes of a painful row over anti-semitism. But while Livingstone’s tone-deaf comments came at a very politically sensitive moment, the historical error at their heart is all too familiar.

29 April 2016

#Brexit: Big Trouble For British Tourism

Looking back in languor? Cullen in the north of Scotland. Raphaël ChekrounCC BY-SA
By John Lennon, Glasgow Caledonian University

From the Tower of London to Edinburgh Castle, from Stonehenge to Brighton Pier, tourism is a vital industry for the UK. It is worth £125 billion a year to the economy, constituting 9% of GDP and 10% of total employment.

A big slice of that comes from tourists from other parts of the European Union. In Scotland, for example, where I am based, visitors from the EU account for just over 54% of visits and just under 42% of the £10 billion annual tourism expenditure. In the other direction, the EU is the top destination for 76% of UK holidaymakers and 68% of business travel. A key question, then, is how this will be affected if the UK votes to leave.

28 April 2016

The Batmobile Travels Across Istanbul's Newest Bosphorus Bridge

Batmobile Cross-Continental Ride (PRNewsFoto/Turkish Airlines)
The cross-continental journey is the first-ever and longest-ever real world ride for the Batmobile 
Turkish Airlines brought the world-famous, iconic Batmobile to Istanbul to travel cross-continental for the first time via the newest Bosphorus bridge to celebrate the release of Warner Bros. Pictures' highly anticipated action adventure movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Russia: Create The World’s Largest Marine Sanctuary! [Petition]

There is one almost completely untouched ocean on our planet - where penguins, whales and mysterious squid roam freely. This pristine paradise could now be lost to industrial fishing fleets, or become the world’s largest marine reserve! Just one last country is needed, and we have an incredible inside chance to influence them. 

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