Fictional Computers - Good Vs. Evil [Infographic]

There are so many cool supercomputers, whether in books or movies...

The Team at 'Glow New Media' decided that it would be interesting to take a look at the good and the bad and... made a brilliant infographic about it.

Which side would you bet on?


Loup Dargent

Book Tour: 'Bound By Blood' by Scott Springer [Guest Post By The Author + Book Trailer Included]

Bound by blood banner.png"Julia has accepted the Lord and is busy returning her life to order. She is not ready for love, especially when the new site foreman at work stirs up forgotten feelings. She knows a playboy when she sees one, but to Rick Mercado the attraction between them is surprisingly real. Other girls no longer interest him, and if she wants to play hard to get that's fine with him. Let the games begin! 
What he doesn't realize is that her dangerous secret is not a game. 
Julia's brother has returned from the street, strung out and in trouble with rival gangs. Loyalty to her brother draws Julia deeper into a world of drug deals and thugs. Rick doesn't understand why Julia won't simply go to the cops, especially once the bullets start flying. As Julia slips further into a world of violence, Rick realizes how easily his heart can be broken. His brain says to run, but his heart isn't listening. It may already be too late. 
BOUND BY BLOOD. Love and suspense, heartfelt moments and guns a blazing. 
What a killer combination!"

More about this novel and its author in today's post...


Loup Dargent

A PetrolHead As Climate Boss? Not If We Can Help It!

The EU is about to give the most important climate job to a man who is a champion for dirty energy. There is only one way to stop this crazy appointment: to persuade key MEPs to ditch Cañete and find a strong climate leader that represents us all 
We only have days -- sign the petition and tell everyone!
Update! "Incredible news! This was a done deal, but our 400,000 voices rang out through MEPs in the hearing and no agreement was reached on Cañete's nomination. Now we need to ramp up the pressure on the three political leaders who will decide the vote. Click here to send an urgent message." 

Fictional Characters And Their Tattoos

All of our favourite celebs have long since jumped onto the tattoo bandwagon, and who can blame them? It’s daring, sexy, and an excuse to show off a little bit more skin. We do hear a lot about celebrity tattoos, and not all of it is good of course. Ink is one of those things that is met with mixed reactions, people love it or they hate it, it’s like painting yourself with marmite permanently, except not as weird. The point is tattoos are everywhere, and not just with our favourite movie stars when they’re off screen – a number of tattoos have made it on screen too, and in some cases they’re a very important part of the character and the movie itself.

Let’s start with someone simple.

That’s right! It’s Darth Maul, the much loved first villain from the Star Wars movies. I know what you’re thinking, you’ve seen the Phantom Menace a dozen times since you were a kid, you’re smart enough to know that Darth Maul here is some sort of weird alien creature and thus those are probably just camouflage markings or something unique to his species. Well – you’re wrong.

The Largest Climate March In History!

The following is an email I've received earlier today from the Avaaz team. 
It definitely made me feel very proud of being a member of that fantastic community. 

Way to go!

Loup Dargent

What The Cloud Technology Will Mean For The Video Gaming Industry

The Cloud is a new system for video gaming designed to allow for saves and games to be more easily transferred from console to console without use of memory cards and other items. 

This innovation allows gamers to play games by streaming them from a "Cloud" system that stores the individual games. While the games will also be available for download for faster and more stable play, the Cloud itself is always an option with these games.

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