UK: London Looks To Give Voice To Muted Buskers

London looks to give voice to muted buskers (via AFP)
Concerned that London's seasoned street musicians are being silenced by excessive regulation, mayor Boris Johnson is leading calls for the buskers' voices, and guitars, to be heard again. Camden Town in north London, with its punks and a high street…

China Jails Blogger In Online 'Rumour' Crackdown

China jails blogger in online 'rumour' crackdown (via AFP)
A Chinese court jailed a blogger for three years on Thursday, state media reported, the first person to be sentenced in a government-led crackdown on so-called Internet rumours. Qin Zhihui -- among hundreds of bloggers reportedly detained in an official…

Which New 'Doctor Who' Character Am I?

All of time and space await — find out which TARDIS occupant best fits your personality!

Orangutans Under Attack!

"Last year over a million of us successfully froze the plan to kill orangutans but the battle to save them is heating up again and unless we raise our voices once more - we could lose the last place on Earth where orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants roam free together"

Germany: Two Neo-Nazis Used Sesame Street’s ‘Cookie Monster’ For Youth Recruitment

German neo-Nazis using Sesame Street’s ‘Cookie Monster’ for youth recruitment (via Raw Story )
A pair of far-right German nationalists attempted to recruit members for their neo-Nazi party at a high school in Senftenberg, Germany this week. According to the Daily Mail, one of the two men, 31-year-old Steffen Lange wore a costume of the “Sesame…

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