What The Cloud Technology Will Mean For The Video Gaming Industry

The Cloud is a new system for video gaming designed to allow for saves and games to be more easily transferred from console to console without use of memory cards and other items. 

This innovation allows gamers to play games by streaming them from a "Cloud" system that stores the individual games. While the games will also be available for download for faster and more stable play, the Cloud itself is always an option with these games.

Let's Remind People What Is #WorthSaving From Climate Change!

"Our massive day of climate action on September 21 can show a groundswell of demand to the world’s most powerful leaders. If we can make our passion infectious. Help create a viral video tool that can motivate hundreds of thousands into the streets."

UK: Relentless Ultra Presents Soundchain with Zane Lowe & Chase & Status on MTV

If you're a UK resident (and at least 18 years old), check the video below as you might be able to win a great prize! 

Christmas might have arrived early here for one of you guys, but you won't know if it has arrived until you've entered the competition. So, yeah, go for it! 

If you're not a UK resident, you're, of course, very welcome to watch the video (but no prizes to win for you though. Sorry about that)...

Enjoy... and good luck to all of you!

Loup Dargent

The One About The 'Joshua Bonehill/Hitler Downfall' Video

Just a few hours after convicted criminal and serial liar Joshua Bonehill (well known for publishing made up stories in his infamous Daily Bale, calling everyone disagreeing with him leftists, perverts, etc…,  his many fake Facebook pages and his many fake Twitter followers, among lots of other things) announced in a lengthy tweet that he would stop interacting with people on Twitter, I somehow got my hands on a template for those Hitler Downfall parodies videos that flooded the net a few years ago.
There was definitively no way I was going to pass a the golden opportunity to give that pathetic wannabe fuhrer the Downfall treatment, so another YouTube Hitler Downfall video was eventually made... and here it is:

The Highest Budget Films Of All Time

So, you think you can make films too? Well, here’s something to think about. All of these huge blockbusters were made for monolithic amounts of cash. In the Hollywood film industry, there is more funding for movies than you can imagine. So, let’s just consider what you can do with less. If this is the best Hollywood did, then you can grab a handycam and go for it on your own.

Book Tour - 'The Well House' By M.S. Matassa [Book Trailer And Giveaway Included]

"A Man's Incredible Journey To Save His Pregnant Wife From The Ultimate Evil..."
Today's post is about a horror novel by M. S. Matassa and it includes, among other things, an excerpt from the book plus a giveaway... 

Feels like Christmas (or Halloween) has come early, this year!


Loup Dargent 

The "Joshua Bonehill/Hitler's Downfall" Mini-Series

Joshua Bonehill/Hitler's Downfall Mini-Series
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