The Solar Solution

Over thirty-five years ago, then-President Jimmy Carter gave a speech on national television predicting that besides efforts to prevent future wars, the biggest issue our country would face in his lifetime was the energy crisis.

One of his solutions was to use solar energy as an alternative to traditional sources of energy – namely oil.

Carter predicted that if the energy crisis was not solved quickly, it would affect the lives of the listener’s children and grandchildren in great ways.

We simply must balance our demand for energy with our rapidly shrinking resources,” he said. “By acting now, we can control our future instead of letting the future control us.” 

Fast and Furious - Cars in Film

When Universal launched the Fast and the Furious series of street racing films, they only expected only a modest return. Although street racing was getting a lot of press attention and the popularity of modified imports were exploding, the movies was never expected to be a blockbuster.

However, the film was an unexpected summer hit. It grossed $40,089,015 on its opening weekend, surpassing the film's $38 million budget. It may have been the media buzz and gear head buzz surrounding the movies that caused an explosion in the box office and gave global insight and curiosity into the supercharged social scene of racing and customizing cars.

The Future Outlook Of Wind Energy Sources

Wind energy can be a very viable resource for cheaper electricity. However, it is not as developed as many would like. There are special considerations of developing it as an important resource. Advancements are being made, and incentives for encouraging development, but there is still a long way to go. 

Famous Mediums - Do They Give the Best Psychic Medium Readings?

Mediums have special skills in psychic readings and ability. They are generally specialized in decoding messages from the spirit world using different methods and techniques. The act of medium or channelled readings did not start today, its origins predate history. A lot of people have learnt their efforts, skills and support to make sure that the profession indeed grows. 

These people who had contributed in very great ways in promoting the activities of this type are today's famous mediums. Clearly a lot of people have made unquantifiable contributions in helping the profession grow, but there may be few whose own contributions may be outstanding. Nobody may be in a hurry to forget the efforts of these two famous mediums John Edward and Jane Roberts. These famous channels have at various times in their lives lent their efforts in promoting medium activities world wide. 

Three Principles For 2015 - Our Most Powerful Petition Target Ever

"The path to changing the world requires us to walk the longest journey - the journey within - to change ourselves. When 500,000 of us pledge to live 3 simple but powerful values in 2015, we'll invite world leaders to join us."
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Dare To Be Different This Valentine’s Day

Dare to be different this Valentine’s Day and choose a gift which will astound your Valentine!

There are a whole host of different ways to spend a Valentine’s Day to remember for years to come with exciting specially themed days out designed specifically for couples of all ages.

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