13 September 2009

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FanFilms Time: Fluffy The English Vampire Slayer (2001)

"Fluffy, a vampire slayer based in England,
has to defeat the evil Count Von Whedon when
he gets his hands on a magical ring giving him
surprising new powers..."

If you haven't watched a fan film before,
this one is probably the one that will
make you want for more...

It's a visual gem made by Henry Burrows
and Foiled Productions.

Fortunately, since I've written my original
review, Henry and Foiled Productions have
made the film available more widely...

Yep, instead of the short opening
sequence that I had originally added then,
you can now watch and enjoy the whole thing!

So, get the popcorn ready, get comfortable and have fun...
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Loup Dargent


Fluffy The English Vampire Slayer

"Light-hearted Buffy spoof by
some British fans of the show

Directed by: Henry Burrows

Written by: Henry Burrows (writer)
and Richard Hassall (additional scriptwork)

Music written by: Mike Varty,
Sue Element and Dave Hobbs

Performed by:

Cast: Louise Anne Bateman, Paul Andrade,
Kat Whitaker, Peter Kidson, Steven McCombe


Meet Fluffy 
the English 
Vampire Slayer
Loup Dargent

Not The Chosen One
With Buffy Anne Summers having been, up to the last
season, the chosen one, the possibility for any potential
to become the world's saviour and kick lots of
and vampiric backsides was very remote to say
the least...

Being number eleven on the list, Fluffy Winters, the slaying
English rose, kind of knew somehow that her big day would
never happen.

Fortunately, not all demons and vampires were stupid
enough to stay in the vicinity of Sunnydale and, even if
by doing so they missed the chance to appear briefly on
the popular TV show or even bed the former cheerleader,
some of them chose to play it safe by keeping as far away
from it as possible.

Well, they thought it would be safer anyway...

Welcome To Sunningdale
Sunningdale is a town situated in the South of England,
and Fluffy is that town's protector against the forces of evil.

Like the other slayer, she has her own Watcher,
Ted Farmer - an American who can't join the Watchers'
Council because of his nationality, as well as her own
Scoobies: her best friends Alex Harrison - Fluffy's personal
wooden stakes handler, and Ash Johannesburg - the first
ever person in Sunningdale to have been saved by Fluffy and
a wannabe witch.

Together, they are a force to be reckoned with...
The local demons and vampires quickly discovered
that fact the hard way.

Not The TV Show
Those vampires and demons that haven't met Fluffy
and her team yet and are not convinced by their peers'
testimonies should watch the short movie conveniently
titled 'Fluffy The English Vampire Slayer' and eventually
learn from it...

Okay, the vampires' make up is closer to the Buffy
movie itself than the BTVS TV show but, it's still
somehow a must for all the Buffy fans 'out there'.

That what it is primarily: a fan film made in homage
to the Slayer
as well as being for its makers a fun way

of giving something back to the Buffy universe... and it
works in my book.

Where And How?
For those interested in knowing more about the English slayer
and her friends, she has a website where you can find more
info and details as well as being able to download the short-movie
free right here

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