23 September 2009

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Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats


And the cats vs dogs debate continues....

This is the article
I've mentioned in the Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs post.
The one from our Guest Writer Freddy R. Bubble  that was supposed to save the day... 
But instead enraged quite a few dogs lovers in the process.


Loup Dargent


Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

The dogs vs. cats debate has raged on for all time
and for all time the dog side has won! Dogs are man's
best friend and cats
don't even like us!
So why should we like them?

Unlike cats, dogs are very faithful and give you
unconditional love forever. Cats barely seem to know
you are around most of the time. If there is any problem
a dog will serve and even protect you really well, but what
would a cat do? Nothing!

The dogs are very obedient creatures and will sit or lie down
or heel on command unlike the cats who will just smirk and
walk away. Cats cannot be trained as easily as dogs.
In fact it can seem impossible to train a cat.

Whenever the owner talks, a dog will tilt their heads
and listen but cats don't really seem to have much interest
in human speech. Dogs will come upon hearing their name
called while cats either don't recognize their name being
called or don't care that it's been called! A dog's obedience
makes him even more lovable and that is the biggest
reason many people prefer dogs over cats.

Dogs also serve as very good companions and will play
Frisbee or other games with you in the afternoon while cats,
being selfish and self-centered, would prefer to take their
afternoon nap quite lazily. Dogs are not at all mischievous
by nature and will bring you your slippers or your evening
newspaper unlike cats who might bring you a dead mouse.

Dogs also serve as very good watch dogs. There's a reason
they call it a watch dog and not a watch cat! They will bark to
wake you up if the house is on fire or if he finds anything
suspicious going on like thieves or somebody else breaking
in while cats will just quietly sneak out the back door.

Dogs are so obedient that they will let you give them
a bath quite easily, while a cat will struggle the entire time.

Dogs also look much better at the end of a leash. A dog
can be a great partner on daily walk or your daily run.
You can't take a cat with you on a run!

Another great advantage that dogs have over cats is
that they are easier to co mingle with each other.
Dogs tend to get along with other dogs much easier
than cats tend to get along with other cats.

Possibly the best reason that dogs are better than
cats? Dogs don't use the bathroom inside of your house!
They go outside! No matter how much the litter is supposed
to keep the smell under control, it still stinks!

Dogs seem to understand your emotions and will try to
comfort you whenever you are sad while the cats don't
really seem to notice this sort of thing. A cat is far more
interested in his own life.

I'm sure there are many more reasons why dogs are
better than cats but these are the ones I've thought of today.
Dogs are the best friend a man (or woman) can have.
Cats? Not so much.

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