22 September 2009

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Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Apparently, there has been a debate going on on the net regarding cats and dogs for quite a long time...

We eventually found out about it the hard way when we published our Guest Writer Brenda L. Snare's article in the previous incarnation of  'Forward and Share' ... Some of the comments received at the time would have fitted perfectly in a BNP related thread on immigration issues. Wow!

Fortunately, a few days later another Guest Writer, Freddy R. Bubble, came to our rescue and provided us with a "Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats" post which calmed down the dogs lovers...

 Of course, the timely article also infuriated some cats lovers in the process. D'oh!

But, even after all that, we still couldn't resist the temptation to include those two (slightly updated with new pics and links) articles in this new version of 'Forward and Share'...


Loup Dargent

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

At the risk of offending all the dog lovers who read
this article, I must state my preference for cats over dogs.
They are very adorable creatures that also have a wonderful
air of independence and intelligence about them. This
independence gives them a more well rounded personality
than dogs who seem to always want to be by your side.

Cats are also much easier to care for and are great
even small apartments. If you live in the city like I do then
having a dog is a total pain. You have to take them out
for a walk twice every day or pay for an expensive
dog walker! A cat can be perfectly happy indoors.
They can cope much better in small places than dogs do.

The hearing power of cat is much more sensitive than
that of humans and dogs. I find it a very fun past time
to just watch my cats listen to sounds. They pick up on
any tiny little sound and you can watch their little ears move
around to catch it! They seem to even be listening for sounds
while they are sleeping and if anything catches their interest
they wake right up!

One of my biggest reasons for liking cats more than
dogs is that cats barely make any noise. I hate barking!
Some dogs just bark and bark and bark and it's so irritating
to me. Some can meow more than others but even a cat
that meows a lot is much less annoying than a dog that barks
all the time. Barking is just much more loud and piercing.

Cats can be left alone over night (or even for a few days)
without any real problem. This means you can go
out for a night on a town and not be worried about what's
going on with your cat back at the apartment. With a dog this
is not the case. If you leave a dog by him or herself too long
they will certainly make a mess and they will be very unhappy.

Cats are also much less likely to beg you for food.
One of my cats won't even eat anything except for his cat
food! He is very finicky about what he eats. Dogs on the other
hand will eat anything! They will even root around in your
garbage for things to eat if they get the chance.

Simply put dogs are a far greater nuisance and take much
more energy to deal with than do cats. Cats are also more
intelligent and more interesting creatures. Dogs are simply
followers, cats on the other hand have their own personalities.
They can seem aloof at times but they can also be very loving
at times. This sort of swing in moods is much more similar to
a person than a dog which seems to be blissfully unaware
of anything all the time.

One more great reason that cats are better than dogs?
They clean themselves! Dogs are dirty smelly creatures that
have to be cleaned by you or they will be stinking up your place!
Cats on the other hand take pride in their cleanliness.
They are soft and clean.

Oh and finally, let us not forget that while dogs have to be
house trained, cats don't really. All you have to do is set up
a litter box in the right way and they'll start using it.


About The Author:
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