2 October 2009

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'Capitalism' Opens Today at a Theater Near You! ...an invitation from Michael Moore

Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore's emails are like trains... 
They always come in threes.

I'm only joking, of course. 
It just that today, I've received another email from Michael Moore about his latest movie and, like what I've done with the two previous ones, "Michael Moore: 'Capitalism' as Comedy and Tragedy Now Playing.." and "Free Screenings Tonight of 'Capitalism' for the Jobless and Homeless...", I'm going to share it with you. 

That makes it three Michael Moore related posts almost in a row. D'oh! Does that mean that 'Forward and Share' has become a train station? 

"Tickets, please!"
As you can see, I've obviously missed my vocation. 
Plus, I do look good in uniform (so I've been told, but that's another story)... 

So, today is D Day (at least in America) for 'Capitalism: A Love Story'... 
In his email, Michael Moore is doing more than just pitching his movie. He is actually sharing with us some of his feelings about it. 'Capitalism' is truly his baby, there is no doubt of that.

Even if you don't agree with what Michael Moore stands for, you will, hopefully, see him the same way that I'm seeing him when reading his email: a filmmaker, a creator, being proud of his creation and wanting to share the moment with others. 

But, enough of me going in on and on and on about it...
Let's listen to the Man Himself instead (Oi! Who said "It's about time"?!).


Loup Dargent

PS: Michael Moore mentions popcorn in his email, so here we go... 


For two months, we've sat and watched the rabid right achieve the unimaginable: Derail universal health care and send the Democrats in Congress running for cover. Many have asked, "How did this happen? How could a small minority of angry people control the public agenda? Where is the majority's response? Why the silence?"

I don't have the answers to all these questions. But I do know this: I've had enough. As far as I'm concerned, Tea Bag Nation ends today -- at noon to be precise. For that's when I set loose, on a thousand screens across this great land, a movie I've made that's so relentless, so dangerous, so damning in its humor, that it will -- I can only hope -- do what no movie has done before: Take them down, take them all down, once and for all.

The days of the majority of Americans being ignored and played for chumps are over as of right now. This weekend, consider your local cinema the REAL town hall meetings! Come and spend two hours with hundreds of other people who are fed up and in need of a bit of inspiration -- and a good hearty laugh at the expense of all the S.O.B.s who've wrecked our economy and laid ruin to our democracy.

I'm personally inviting you to come see what many critics are saying is my best film yet: "Capitalism: A Love Story." You will not be disappointed. I will show you things and tell you things about how the captains of corporate America have stolen our country from us. No one on the nightly news is bringing these truths to you. Beginning at noon today, I pull back the curtain and reveal who's responsible for the calamity we're in. That's right -- I name names and I explain why this economic system we have is nothing more than legalized greed, and Wall Street is nothing more than a crime syndicate in suits. You will be blown away by what you see, but you will not leave the theater in a pit of despair. I'm counting on your response to be one of exhilaration and determination. I've watched this movie in sneak previews with audiences from Pittsburgh to L.A. and I've never seen more hooting and hollering during a documentary in my life. There are actually standing O's during the movie! Weird. Cool. Down in front!

Please see "Capitalism: A Love Story" this weekend. Take a bunch of friends and make it an event. Last weekend in New York and L.A. many shows sold out (making "Capitalism" the biggest per screen average at the box office for 2009), so get your tickets early. And if you get a chance, send me a photo of what opening night looks like in your city and I'll post it on my website.

C'mon, friends -- RISE UP! This is our moment. And it comes with popcorn! Not bad!

Thank you so very much for all your support and encouragement over the years.

Michael Moore

P.S. For a list of theaters and to find the nearest one to you showing "Capitalism: A Love Story," click here.

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