3 October 2009

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Some Tips For Cool Halloween Birthday Party Invitations

"Sometimes, you want your guests to know that your Halloween
party is also a birthday party..." 

If you're sure that it's a good idea to broadcast that your
(or your offspring's) birthday is on Halloween. that is...

I mean, as loads of people have seen the movie "The Omen" (and some have even seen the original one), someone is bound to add two and two together and come up with... 666, somehow.

Also, if your name is Damien (your parents having probably a very wicked sense of humour) as well as being born on Halloween's day, then, trust me: you definitely don't want your guests to know that your Halloween party is also a birthday party!

You know, just in case...

I had to mention that possibility...
Not because I actually care, but because, let's face it, I don't really fancy being held responsible for any harm whatsoever caused to you after you've read today's post and decided that it was a good idea to let your guests know that your Halloween party is also your birthday party.

Oi! Where do you think you're going?! 
What do you mean, you're leaving?
Ah, come on! I was only joking!

Yep, it's Halloween time!

As you might have noticed, I'm already in full  Halloween mood.
And, when I'm in full Halloween mood, Halloween related posts starts appearing on 'Forward and Share'...

Today's one is from our newly arrived Guest Writer, Qing Gu, who starts the Halloween theme by (but, you've probably guessed that by now) giving us tips on how to make cool Halloween birthday party invitations.

Yep, there are some people who are actually born around (and on) Halloween's day...  
It's not just a myth! 

Enjoy... and, 
Happy Halloween/Birthday!

Loup Dargent

For Cool  
Birthday Party
Qing Gu

Looking for the coolest Halloween birthday party invitations?

Sometimes, you want your guests to know that your Halloween
party is also a birthday party, but it's hard to find commercial
invitations for both.

Here are a few terrific ideas for Halloween party invitations!

Monster Party Cards

These Halloween birthday party invitations are fun, attractive
and easy, and they're a great way to recycle!

1. Start with some blank gift cards, or use sturdy paper or
thin cardboard from old cereal or cracker boxes, cut and folded
into the shape of a card.

2. Collect several types of handmade paper, decorative paper
and gift-wrap in orange, black, gray and gold. Glue the
decorative paper to both the insides and outsides of your
invitations. Don't use just one type of paper on each card – be

3. Photocopy some pictures of scary Halloween monsters.
Frankenstein's monster, the Wolfman and Dracula make great
images, and you can also use pictures of gargoyles, skeletons,
skulls and ghosts. Glue these photocopied images to the front of
your Halloween birthday party invitations.

4. Collect some old birthday cards, invitations, gift-wrap and
decorations. Cut out the colorful birthday images: party hats,
noisemakers, birthday cakes, bunches of balloons, brightly
decorated presents and birthday banners make great birthday

5. Glue your birthday cutouts to appropriate places in your
scary monster pictures. Make Frankenstein's monster wear a party
hat, or have the Wolfman hold a present or a bunch of balloons.
You get the picture!

6. Write your party information on the inside of each
invitation. Be sure to include the date, time and place of your

Simple Stamped Scroll Invitations

These are great Halloween birthday party invitations that you
can hand-deliver to your guests!

1. Use sheets of good quality, legal sized paper in off-white
or cream for your invitation scroll. You will also need craft
foam (available at most craft and dollar stores), glue, thick
cardboard, scissors, tempera paints, paintbrushes, twine or
colored ribbon.

2. Draw simple designs on the foam and cut them out. You want a
combination of a few Halloween designs and a few birthday
designs. Try bats, pumpkins, crescent moons or ghosts for
Halloween designs, and birthday cakes, balloons, presents, party
hats or noisemakers for birthday designs. Glue each piece of
foam to a piece of thick cardboard. These are your stamps!

3. Stamp festive borders around your Halloween birthday party
invitations. Use a paintbrush to apply thin layers of paint to
the stamps, and press them onto the outside edges of your
invitations, alternating between the birthday and Halloween
themed stamps. Use orange and black paint for Halloween stamps,
and two bright primary colors for birthday stamps. For classy
adult invitations, use silver and gold paints instead.

4. Once the paint dries, write out your invitations. In keeping
with the scroll theme, write your invitation using old-time or
official language. Start with something like "We, the
inhabitants of 555 Elm Street do hereby invite you…
" or
something in a similar vein. Be sure to include the date, time
and address of your party.

5. Once your invitations are written, roll them up like scrolls
and secure them with pieces of twine – or use ribbons of the
same colors as your stamped borders. They're ready to deliver!

Have fun in making your own Halloween birthday party

About Today's Contributor:
Qing Gu is a party planning expert. Here he
shares with you more ideas for birthday party invitations:
Here are more Halloween party ideas:

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