6 July 2010

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Facebook Apps: Welcome To Your Own Personalised Holiday Match Maker

If your Facebook profile was a holiday destination, what would it be? 

Of course, you know what your ideal holiday destination is, don't you?
I mean, who knows you better than... well... you?

Plus, you don't need anyone to tell you what you want, do you? 
Not only you know what you want, but you also recognise quality when you see it...  
After all, you do read LoupDargent.info

(Hmmm... okay, that last bit might not really help your case, but we/you know what we/you mean.)

But, to come back to the ideal holiday destination topic, have you ever wondered what your Facebook profile would be if it was a holiday destination? 

The Holiday Match Maker is a Facebook App from Halifax. It’s one of those rare things, a Facebook application that is genuinely useful and entertaining at the same time. 

It’s quite clever too. By analysing the content of your profile, it will ’calculate’ what your ideal holiday destination is, where you should stay, what you should do, what the weather’s like at the moment and how many plastic Eiffel Towers you can buy for a fiver. Now it doesn’t get much more useful than that. 

It will also point you in the direction of Halifax Travel Money, something you might find handy when going on holiday (fair enough, it's an App from Halifax after all...). 

Mine is... wait for it.... 

Nope, not Paris.... 

Not Southend-on-Sea either... 

it's... yes.... Chamonix!

Hold on, there is more....

"Being an adventurous kind of guy, you'll love testing out the slopes and of course enjoy the apr├Ęs-ski! The beautiful mountain landscape will make Chamonix a great destination for your birthday celebrations. The kids will love it too! Why not bring along Christy Guichard?"


(Just in case you were wondering, Christy is one of my daughters...)

Please, do let us know what your results are...
But, most of all, have fun! 

Loup Dargent

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