29 June 2010

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Is It a Plane? Is It a Bird? No, It's a (Foam) Polar Bear!

People who were in Tokyo that day might have wondered if there was an alien invasion going on with all those polar bear shaped figures flying in the sky...

A foam polar bear flies in the Japanese sky

The explanation for those flying figures in the Japanese sky was
that an eco event was being held by ecoideasnet to publicise the
plight of polar bears disappearing from the Arctic because of

The Japanese sky is filled with flying foam polar bears

The flying polar bear shapes were made of plant-derived soap bubbles
filled with environmentally harmless helium gas.

A foam polar bear is taking shape

And flower seeds were also sprinkled to contribute to the ecosystem...

A child sprinkles flower seeds on the foam polar bear

There won't be any need to travel to Japan, and back in time, to see this eco event
as, of course, it's all there in the video-clip added to this post.


Loup Dargent

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