26 June 2010

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The One About The CO2 Reducing Cowhorse (Vacheval)

A TV report from Belgique Television back in the 1960's introduces a strange new animal - the Vacheval. A cross between a horse and a cow, it was reared in an attempt to create a CO2 reducing transport system...

If you've watched the video-clip in (or, at least, read) our "Le CO2eux Soirée Finale - One Mini Cowhorse And Lots Of Mustaches Included" post, you won't be too surprised as Alain du Monde showed us a cowhorse (vacheval) in that episode.

He even went further that just showing us a cowhorse...
He also showed us a mini cowhorse. 

The great thing about this previously unseen report footage is that, on top of bringing back this classic Sci-Fi feeling that was provided by the whole CO2eux Soirée show (remember the one with Marina and The Diamonds?), it also gives us some background information about that very chic animal...

Shot in 1963, this is previously unseen report footage from Belgique Television. It tells the story of a strange animal called a Vacheval. Reared on a farm just outside Leuven in Belgium, it was a cross between a cow and a horse and was reared as a new form of CO2 reducing transportation.

Alain du Monde, an eco extraordinaire who worked for Belgique Television at that time, recalls the Vacheval; "The Vacheval were magnifique, they were not only eco but they were chic too, those behind the Vacheval were clearly visionary in recognising the future environmental issues facing man-kind" he says.

You are wishing that you had thought of it first, aren't you?

No one knows whether they actually still exist today. There are rumours that they all now live on a special retreat in the Alps, whilst some say they fled Europe in search of work.

Hopefully, they are not trying to get to the UK... Imagine the BNP's reaction if they did try. Yikes!
Mention "red squirrels" and "grey squirrels" to that so-called political party's supporters and you'll know what I mean. (Ah, come on now! I haven't had a dig at them for ages...)

With little records of their existence, who knows what actually happened to the Vacheval.
So, please, do let us know if you have spotted one of them. We all want to know if they're still around...

Of course, if they're extinct already, we could perhaps create some more...
I mean, hey, that was a bleeding great idea there, wasn't it?


Loup Dargent

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