25 June 2010

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Le CO2eux Soirée Finale - One Mini Cowhorse And Lots Of Mustaches Included

We're back to the 1960s and, in the grand finale of Le CO2eux Soirée (the show broadcast from inside a bottle), Alain du Monde shows off his super chic dance moves to the sound of Albert 3000's CO2 reducing tunes...

We also learn that cows are not chic at all.

Cowhorses are definitely very chic, though...

Especially if they are mini cowhorses.

No Marina and The Diamonds or Mystery Jets in this final episode,
but it's still weird and fun all the same.

Good news! The robot is still there...

"Le CO2eux Soirée is a four part variety show created to launch Stella Artois’ new lightweight bottle, which contains less glass and therefore produces less CO2 emissions. 

The show has been created by creative agency Mother and is supported with press and outdoor activity as well as an on-pack promotion."


Loup Dargent

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