25 November 2011

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Let's Oust James Murdoch!

James Murdoch is desperately clinging onto his powerful role as Chairman of BSkyB -- a major international news broadcaster. But shareholders are talking about voting him out. We can tip the balance by calling every shareholder and urging them to vote out the Murdoch mafia once and for all.

[IMPORTANT UPDATE: Read the "Londoners: Rally to Oust James Murdoch This Tuesday" part.right after this message for the details!]

 Dear friends,

Despite overseeing bribery, hacking and blatant bullying of politicians, James Murdoch is about to be confirmed as chairman of the international broadcaster BSkyB -- unless we come together to fire the Murdoch mafia from this important news outlet.

The Murdoch's already tried to buy complete control of BSkyB, but our outcry forced them to abandon their bid, -- rocking the Murdoch's control over their entire empire.Now BSkyB shareholders are talking about kicking James out for good. If we all take action before the vote on November 29th we can tip them over the edge.

A brand new tool allows each of us to email our public pension funds and investment funds or individual shareholders asking them to vote against James Murdoch at the BSkyB annual general meeting. Don't have a fund? The tool also gives you a shareholder to contact as a concerned citizen. We have just seven days to build a wave of opposition against the Murdoch stranglehold on our media. 

BSkyB is an important international broadcaster, distributing television news in the UK, Ireland, and Australia. Many of us hold stock in BSkyB without knowing it -- our pension and investment funds make choices about where our money goes without consulting us. But if we use this brand new tool developed by Avaaz we can demand our funds vote against James Murdoch and free BSkyB from the Murdoch mafia.

We now know that News International has engaged in phone hacking and bribery on an industrial scale. This is the company that James leads -- and yet James has not accepted responsibility for hacking a murdered schoolgirl’s phone, and then having the young daughter of the family’s lawyer followed in an attempt to intimidate all involved.

It is scandalous, but James is determined to maintain his control over BSkyB -- it is a key part of his personal fiefdom within the Murdoch mafia empire, and crucial to the family’s succession plans. But investors in BSkyB are on the fence and considering their options and organised public opposition can sway the crucial votes by demonstrating the corporate risk that James represents. 

A few weeks ago, massive public pressure caused over 30% of News Corp shareholders to vote against James Murdoch -- rocking the centerpiece of the Murdoch empire. And last week, Australian members defeated an attempt by BSkyB to rob a $223 million contract from the country’s public broadcaster. Now we have the chance to hit the company right at the top by demonstrating overwhelming public and shareholder opposition to James Murdoch, and saving our democracy from the Murdoch mafia while we still can.

With hope,

Loup Dargent
On behalf of Emma, Brant, Alice, Ricken, Ben, Dalia and the entire Avaaz team 

Londoners: Rally to Oust James Murdoch This Tuesday

We only have one shot at this. Join Avaaz this Tuesday morning at BSkyB's Annual Shareholders Meeting to demand that James Murdoch resign as Chairman

Join us this Tuesday, as Avaaz members in London greet BSkyB shareholders at their annual general meeting with a giant Murdoch-head puppet, banners and t-shirts, voicing our objection to the reckless way the company has been run.

James Murdoch is coming to London this Tuesday for what may be his last annual meeting as head of BSkyB. Murdoch is up to his neck in scandal and he has become an embarrassment for his company -- we can help convince shareholders to do the right thing and fire James from BSkyB!

When: Tuesday, November 29;
Time: 9AM-11AM;
Where: The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre at Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P3EE, United Kingdom.
A map is available at http://www.qeiicc.co.uk/files/uploaded_files/map.pdf

Click here to RSVP to join Avaaz members at 9am this Tuesday at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and help BSkyB fire the Murdoch mafia.

Big BSkyB investors have finally had enough -- they are accusing Murdoch of running the company as his own personal fiefdom, using his unchecked power to break laws and risking the future of his wide network of media outlets. UK leaders say the empire headed up by Rupert Murdoch and his sons has "entered the criminal underworld" -- including hacking murdered children's phones, paying off police, destroying evidence of crimes, and threatening politicians. These actions have cast suspicion over the entire organization.

Shareholders will vote Tuesday on whether to remove James from BSkyB’s leadership on the board. Let’s help shareholders challenge the family’s iron-clad grip on the company:

Sign up here to join us on Tuesday

As Avaaz members, we take action online when we join campaigns, but the Avaaz movement doesn't stop there. We achieve victory after victory by bringing massive popular support of online petitions directly to decision makers with deliveries, ads, press stunts and banners. This week, Avaaz members around the world are counting on us to be bold and show Murdoch that we won’t stand for his behavior.

Please, help spread the word. Take a moment to forward this to your networks in London. 

Thanks in advance...


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