27 November 2011

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The Top 5 Movies of 2006 to 2011

Some great movies have come out during the last 5 years but a few stand out as films that will go down as cinematic greats.

1. Inglourious Basterds Quentin Tarantino, 2009 – A list of best movies would be incomplete without mentioning something written by Tarantino. This film is a story of a group of men during World War II who hunt and kill Nazis. Tarantino’s commentary uses a fictional history of the World War II era to make some strong points about war, war movies and our love for violence in cinemas. His usual satirical style continues to cast light on why we choose to watch the cinema that we do.

2. How to Train Your Dragon Pixar, 2010 – Representing the Pixar style that has been very prominent in cinemas lately, How to Train Your Dragon stands out as one of the best. Pixar have continued to bring us great films over the years with strong and moving stories that are suitable for all ages. The Film is about a young boy’s friendship of a feared dragon, and explores the ideas of social prejudices among us. 

3. Red Dog, 2011Australian cinema hasn’t produced a whole lot of good stuff over the last 10 years but this recent film is certainly the exception. The story is a split into two parts that the viewer will get a strong feel of while watching the film. The first part explores on a surface level the characters that will make the film. The second part is dedicated to an exploration of these characters as they cope with loss and tragedy. The film is humorous, but also extremely moving. Mostly the tale is extremely sad, but like any good piece of cinema, you leave the film loving life just that little bit more.

4. The Hurt Locker - We’ve put another war film in this list, but completely different from Tarantino’s Basterds. The Hurt Locker provides us with the most amazingly real stories of modern warfare to the point it has baffled veterans themselves. The film’s following of an adrenaline junkie come soldier gives us insight into some of the characters who may be fighting our wars and why they are fighting for us. There is some magnificent tension and the acting throughout the film is superb. The Hurt Locker is one that is a definite ‘must watch’

5. The Dark Knight - The film that posthumously starred Heath Ledger as The Joker in an astounding performance that cannot possibly be overhyped. The Dark Knight brings Christian Bale (the best Batman of them all) up against 2 villains and the movie is dark and explosive. The story is complex and riveting for what is essentially an action film. The characters are all well acted and this film thoroughly deserves it’s place on a list of top cinema for the last five years.

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