19 December 2011

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10 Musical Movies that Aren't (Too) Nerdy

Musicals have carried the stigma for years of being “nerdy”. However, Hollywood seems to have changed their mind because many Broadway shows have recently been made into blockbusters. Now that it's not so “nerdy” to watch musicals, check out these classic and new musicals you can watch on your own TV (animated musicals are not listed, that will have to be saved for their own article):

  1. The Sound of Music. Of all the Rogers and Hammerstein movies, this is by far the most well-known and possibly greatest. From start to finish, the music and acting are both amazing. You will find ample occasion in everyday life to burst out with “I have confidence” and it's all too easy to get your toes tapping with “Lonely Goatherd”.
  2. Newsies. Christian Bale at his acting best? And singing too? That's right! Newsies has an amazing cast and great music lasting for the full two hours.
  3. Phantom of the Opera. The newest remake of this movie, starring Gerard Butler as the Phantom, is excellently done. While originally made as a broadway musical, this show has been well-adapted to film and has even become a favorite of musical and non-musical lovers alike.
  4. Mary Poppins. Add a dash of Julie Andrews, some laughter, and a floating umbrella. This musical has a place in most people's hearts due to fond childhood memories.
  5. High School Musical. Yes, it's a childish movie, but I wouldn't say it's particularly nerdy, at least not the 1st one in the series. The hit, “We're All in This Together” was used in tons of pop culture media after the movie was released.
  6. The Nightmare Before Christmas. This isn't an animated movie, but a stop motion picture. This movie offers a charming mix of holiday joy and Halloween creepiness. Most people won't mind watching and singing along to this Halloween classic. Or is it a Christmas classic? I never can tell!
  7. The Music Man. 76 Trombones, Marian the Librarian, and Shapoopie, you just can't help but enjoy this movie musical. The 2003 remake isn't as great as the classic starring Robert Preston.
  8. Chicago. Devious murders and twisted journalists—this movie not only has good music, but will cater to your mental alacrity as you realize the cleverness of the plot, based off of real-life experiences of the 1920s reporter who wrote it.
  9. Annie. Who can't relate at one time in their life our other about having a “hard knock life”?
  10. The King and I. Feeling afraid? Why not hold your head erect and whistle a happy tune? Yul Brynner plays a magnificent Kind of Siam. Rogers and Hammerstein certainly knew how to put on a musical.

One of the aspects of avid musical watching that makes it so worthwhile is singing along with the music. The more songs you learn from the musicals, the more prepared you will be to break out into song at any random moment of the day. It will certainly add some flair to your humdrum life! Aren't you glad that musical's aren't nerdy anymore?

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