20 December 2011

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5 Steps to Finding Your Inner Movie Buff

Do you find yourself regularly humming various movie theme songs or repeating famous lines – sometimes even unconsciously? If so, you may be an official movie buff. If you aren’t 100 percent sure on this, however, there are some ways to come up with a better determination. Here are just a few:

Attend Film Festivals

There are those who enjoy watching movies and then there are those who REALLY enjoy watching movies. Every year, there are a variety of different film festivals nationwide – and if you have been an attendee at one of these events, then you are likely a movie buff.

Not quite sure if you’re a movie buff yet? Making an appearance at a film festival will certainly help you to determine whether or not you are on the right path to becoming one…and if you’re already scouring the Internet to find out the date and location on the next event, then the answer is probably yes!

Watch Films From Every Era

If taking your date to the most publicized film on a Saturday night is your idea of being a movie buff, then you may need to go back to the drawing board because just viewing the most recent or popular flicks won’t cut it.

However, if you find yourself being immersed in movies from a variety of eras – and truly enjoying them – then you are likely one of the movie buff crowd. One sure sign of this is whether or not you saw the original Planet of the Apes in 1969, before the new version came out.

Take the Quiz

When your doctor wants to determine the cause of your scratchy throat, he will typically run some tests. So, why not take a test to see just how much of a movie buff you are? You can – at Quizopolis.com.

This cool site offers series’ of questions on just about any topic – including one for wanna-be movie buffs. Just some of the questions include asking whether you own more than 300 movies, whether you can recite the lines to at least ten of your favorite flicks, and inquiring if you belong to any movie fan clubs.

Find Undiscovered Content at Film Buff

For those movie buffs who spend endless hours searching for information about directors, performances, and storytelling, then Film Buff is the place for you. This digital entertainment service provides all the information you need on the information you want about movies. Take it for a test run here.

Ultimate Movie Buff – The Game

If you really want to prove to the world that you are a true blue movie buff, then go no further than the all-time movie goer’s game, Ultimate Movie Buff. Similar to the classic game Trivial Pursuit, this game prompts players to answer various trivia questions that relate to movies within a given amount of time.

With this game app, you can even proudly share your score with those you love via email. And, if you are a real star, you may even land yourself in the Ultimate Movie Buff hall of fame. Check out more about the game app here.

About today's Guest Writer:
Anthony Silver writes about technology and movies. He is particularly fond of indie drama movies, but always loves taking a chance on a movie he hasn't heard of before.

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