13 December 2011

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When Fashion And Eyewear Go Hand in Hand…

Someone comes up behind you and puts their hands over your eyes… “guess who?” Well, in this case, it’s Jeremy Scott. In collaboration with Linda Farrow, his ‘hands’ glasses range features an acetate frame shaped like a pair of hands, with just enough space between fingers to see. As seen on fashion-forward Natalia Kills and Lady Gaga, Jeremy Scott’s glasses are sure to cause a stir. Although they may not sound like the most practical pair of glasses, if Lady Gaga is your fashion idol, you’ll know that fashion comes before function. Her sense of fashion has defined her as quirky, modern and unique so she acts as the ideal ambassador for this innovative glasses range.

Jeremy Scott is well known for his original, outrageous designs, particularly considering the other glasses in his range, such as the striking cross-shaped sunglasses, retro television-shaped designs and the popular cute Mickey mouse pair. The Mickey mouse glasses feature dark circular frames with attached black discs to resemble Mickey’s ears and, although they may sound comical, they do at least have functional, tinted lenses. In this sense, Scott’s ‘Hands’ range far surpass the other glasses in terms of a truly innovative shape and style yet are also closer to being a fashion accessory than a useful set of eyewear.

Retailing at £158 a pair, they don’t come cheap but, when compared to some of the other glasses in his range, for example the Roman inspired ‘Caesar’ glasses at £283, they’re a bargain. They are available to buy online and, unlike some of other glasses in his collection, you can even choose from different colours: black, clear, grey or yellow hands or, for the full effect, go for the flesh-coloured painted nails look on the C4 glasses. But you’ll have to hurry because they’ve already sold out on some websites.

You may ask what is the use in a pair of glasses with no lenses, no sun-protection and no prescription and the truth is, of course, there isn’t one… except to attract attention. But they are certainly unique, a far cry from the basic square frame and lense shape of most glasses. And the great news is, they’re designed for unisex so everyone can wear them. So, if you manage to get your hands on a pair of these, you may not improve your vision, but you’ll certainly turn a few heads.

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