13 December 2011

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10 Fun and Obscure Facts About Star Wars

Even with the vast amounts of information available about Star Wars, there are still a few facts that you probably don't know. Try these tidbits on for size and see how many you've heard before.

1. Vader x3
Three different actors were used to make up the character Darth Vader.James Earl Jones and Sebastian Shaw both worked to provide Darth Vader'’s voice. David Prowse actually did the acting, aka provided Darth Vader's body.

2. Vader = Scuba Diver?
In order to achieve the sound of Darth Vader's very raspy breathing, a scuba regulator was used.

3. Successful Toys
Out of all movie-related toy lines, Star Wars was the most successful with 250 million figures sold between 1978 and 1986.

4. Starkiller?
"Adventures of Luke Starkiller, as Taken from the Journal of the Whills, Saga 1: The Star Wars," was the original title of the movie when production began. Obviously, the title was eventually shortened and Luke's name was changed to Luke Skywalker.

5. Muppet Wars 
What do Yoda and the muppet, Miss Piggy, have in common? The answer is the actor, Frank Oz, who voiced both well-known characters.

6. A Car Accident Strikes Back
The night before Mark Hamill was supposed to film the last scene for A New Hope, he got into a car accident. When Luke was attacked by a Wompa in the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back (which was an added scene in the film), it was because Luke’s (Mark Hamill) face would look different in the second film, and they needed a reason why. Hamill’s nose and cheekbone were fractured in the accident, requiring a double in the movie and a damaged "new face" in the following films.

7. Jabba x10
In order to operate Jabba the Hutt, it would take up to ten different puppeteers, each using both of their hands.

8. Canine Inspiration 
The much-loved Chewbacca character was based off of Indiana (George Lucas's dog), who also inspired the name Indiana Jones.

9. What's In A Name?
R2-D2 stands for Reel 2, Dialog 2; which is film editor’s jargon.

10. We Don't Like It
Although this thought seems hard to believe now, the first time 21st Century Fox viewed the film, they hated it. To them, the film was a waste of their precious money (a very big mistake!). How wrong they were. 

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