1 January 2012

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Online Fax Service

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Faxing documents is an essential component of most businesses. And, even if it isn’t, at least having the capability to send and receive faxes should be a priority. But for small and large companies alike, having a fax machine can be a cumbersome and expensive prospect – especially if the device isn’t used on a regular enough basis to justify the space and revenue consumed.

This is not to say companies have no alternative. Online fax services are a viable option for ensuring the ability to reliably send documents electronically. From space-saving attributes to security and cost effectiveness, here are the top 5 reasons every business can benefit from an online fax service:

  • Customization – Most fax services allow plans to be catered to the specific business’ needs. This scalable feature can be ramped up to accommodate increased need or reduced accordingly. Some services also include special voice mail and virtual assistant features.

  • Cost-effectiveness – Because online fax services carry no substantial start-up costs; or ongoing expenses such as electricity, paper, toner, ink and maintenance/repair – there are considerable cost savings to be accrued.

  • Space savings – This feature is especially important for small businesses that operate from space-challenged office environments. Why buy a bulky fax machine when every process can be accomplished from any Internet connection. Some Internet-based options even allow you to photograph documents on your phone and text or email them to the service for faxing.
  • No requirement for a dedicated phone line – If your business doesn’t have the deep pockets needed to host a dedicated fax line and you can’t afford to have available phone lines tied up with incoming or outgoing faxes, an online service may be for you. When you factor in the ability to filter junk faxes with an online service, the increased functionality is even more apparent.
  • Ease of use – Sending a fax through an online service is about as complicated as sending an email and it takes about as long to accomplish. Forget about the frustration of trying to send a fax only to have it bounce back because of some technical difficulty.

Online fax services are just another way the Internet has dramatically increased the functionality of everyday business activities. When you consider the significant benefits available from cost savings to ease of use, there really is no reason to rely on the increasingly antiquated physical fax machine.

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