2 January 2012

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What's the Right Toolbar For You?

With so many toolbars from trustworthy providers available these days, it's difficult to know which one is right for you. First, it's important to note that not all toolbars are crafted equal. There are standard toolbars that will block pop-ups and give you easy access to new Web content. There are also toolbars specifically designed to help the user in downloading video or other similarly specific functions. Finally, there are toolbars you'll want to avoid at all cost, such as adware toolbars that can infect your PC and lead to computer crashes or identity theft.

Standard Toolbar

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Many of the biggest names in search engines offer their own toolbars to aid in web searches. Features of these toolbars typically include the ability to fill out forms with one click, one-click access to your e-mail, local traffic and weather information. You can also save searches and webpages and get quick and easy access to staple sites like eBay and Facebook. For instance, the Zugo toolbar will connect you to Facebook or Twitter with just one click.

Video Toolbar
This video toolbar is pretty self-explanatory. It allows the user to download video files with one easy click, though you have to use your own video player or download one. The downside of the video toolbar is a lack of access to some of the things mentioned above with standard toolbars. All you can really do with these is download video. You can find these toolbars available for a free download with the typical video toolbar about 6.0 MB in size. It's also possible to have overlapping toolbars, one on top of the other, to combine the features of a standard toolbar with a video toolbar.

Adware Toolbar
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This is the toolbar you absolutely want to avoid. These are usually installed accidentally, and if used, the toolbar will begin to track all your Internet searches and movements. Your search habits are transmitted to a main hub of sorts where ads designed to target your habits are transmitted back to you. There are a whole slew of these adware toolbars, and most of them will claim to give protection for your computer as they do anything but protect. These toolbar installations will result in endless pop-ups and invasion of privacy, so remove them as quickly as possible if you think you've got one on your computer.

Toolbars are a great way to organize your favorite websites in one convenient place. The trick is to familiarize yourself with the basic functions and be on alert for excessive pop-ups, especially those which seem to target your exact surfing habits. Remember, you're not stuck with any particular toolbar, and they are typically very easy to uninstall.

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