24 January 2012

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From Books to The Big Screen: Novels as Movies

To Kill a Mockingbird (film)
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Many people don’t like reading. Some think it is boring or too time-consuming. One of my favorite parts of reading is when they make a book I love into a movie. For all of you who haven’t heard the news, they are remaking the movie, The Great Gatsby. This book and the original movie are both classics. The new movie is starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Macguire. Books are not just boring literature. They are actually great stories that make good movies too.

Of Mice and Men
You may all remember this fine story. I remember reading it sophomore year of high school and wondering what in the world the meaning could be. It is about two men who are traveling together and start working on a farm. One of the main characters, Lenny, is slow and often makes minor mistakes that cause problems. This is a classic book and the movie is also well worth your time.

To Kill a Mockingbird
This is another old classic. To Kill a Mockingbird is an incredible novel by Harper Lee, also usually read in high school. The story follows two young siblings and their few encounters with a hermit neighbor. It also follows their father’s involvement in a trial of an innocent Black man. The story is meaningful and compelling. The movie is black and white but Gregory Peck did an amazing job portraying the father of the two youngsters.

The Help
A more recent book that was made into a move is called The Help. It was on the New York Times Bestseller list for over 100 weeks. It takes place back when many Black women were maids for White women in the South. Many of the women did not treat their help fairly back then. In this story a White woman, with the help of several Black help, write a book depicting some of the stories they have. It is a truly inspiring story that was also an amazing film.

This is another movie that is very recent and is still in theaters in many places. This movie was taken from the book called Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. It is based on a true story. A man tries to make a winning baseball team purely through the stats on a computer. It is a risky move but he has faith that a new young coworker will help him succeed. It is inspiring and very influential.

We Bought a Zoo
This is the most recent movie on this list. This movie was taken from a memoir that a man named Benjamin Mee wrote. In this memoir, his wife dies of a brain tumor and Benjamin Mee decides to move his whole family to a bigger place. The movie focuses on the relationships between the father and his children. He does everything he can to keep the family together during this tragedy.

If books make great movies, don’t you think they also make great books as well? If you are interested in seeing a movie that is already a book, try reading it first. It will open your eyes to new insights when you do finally see the movie.

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