25 January 2012

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The Lowdown on Doctor Who Season 7

Fans of the beloved show will be waiting extra-long this year before The Doctor returns to work more of his magic. The new season is scheduled for fall of 2012 and will be split in two parts, the second to air early in 2013. Producer Steven Moffat says that this delay is due to the fact that he does not wish to risk rushing the production and messing up this important 50th anniversary season. The season will include the 2012 Christmas special, though whether this is part of the reported 14-episode run or an addition to that is unknown. The airing of the Christmas special in the middle of a standard season will certainly present some interesting opportunities for the writers to make dynamic moves in the story arc.

A few things have been confirmed about what to expect with season 7. For one thing, Amy and Rory will definitely be leaving the show in what Moffat has described as a “heartbreaking” way. He has also stated that the new companion for the Doctor will be making their arrival, though who it happens to be is still up for debate. It is also known that River Song will be returning, though why or for how long remains to be seen.

While the list of definites is small, the number of rumors surrounding season 7 are seemingly endless. The return of various characters have been discussed or hinted at, including the Master, Captain Jack, Sophia Myles (of The Girl in the Fireplace) and James Cordon.

Nothing remains certain, but John Barrowman has said that he would return to the show in a heartbeat. Moffat also seems eager to bring him back. As for Cordon, he has expressed his desire to work on the show again, though nothing else has been confirmed as to whether he will be back. Myles has reportedly been in talks about her own return, and it looks like she will be involved in some regard.

Speculation as to who the new companion will be revolves around both Cordon and Myles, though Moffat has stated on several occasions that no new companion has of yet been signed. He has confirmed that some old classic Doctor Who villains will be showing up, though updated for the modern show. One creature said to be on that list is the Yeti.

Moffat has also said that it is unlikely there will be any two-part episodes during the new season, an unusual departure from the past. This could suggest one long story arc, or the use of the Christmas special as a major turning point.

Although Matt Smith keeps claiming he is going to storm American cinema and make his name there, he has not mentioned any desire to leave the show in the near future. More than a year remains before he will need to commit to an eighth season and a lot can change between now and then. Smith has, however oddly, expressed the desire for a wardrobe change, specifically mentioning leather, not what one might expect of The Doctor.

The filming of season 7 is set to begin in February of 2012 and will take an estimated 9 months to finish. This means that Moffat and the crew will still be filming even as the new season starts its run.

As stated before, season 7 marks the 50th anniversary of the Doctor and his journeys. Moffat has expressed “very ambitious plans” for this anniversary run which he describes as “Epic, huge, massive, indulgent…” Moffat has been shining brightly since taking over the helm from Russell T. Davies, and if his confidence is anything to measure by, season 7 could be one of the best Doctor Who runs ever.

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