9 January 2012

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Harrison Ford Carved His Career Out of Wood

Money in the bank, weeks off to spend time idling around on boats moored at exotic locations and if that’s too much, then go back to work where assistants fawn all over you while catering to your each and every need. Now that’s the life of a star. Harrison Ford slogged like the other 99% of the planet’s inhabitants to make an income and then he became a star, quite by accident. His life turned into one where lifting a finger to do your own bidding is as uncommon as full-cream ice-cream shops on Rodeo Drive.

Harrison’s early career 
Anyone who’s a Harrison Ford fan knows that his movie career was an extremely slow starter. Appearing in several movies with only bit parts to fan his career his star was floundering before it had even taken off. He initially wanted to do radio voice-overs, but failed to get the job he applied for, so he signed up with Columbia Pictures. His first few movie roles didn’t afford him any accreditation, which made him despondent, so he became a self-taught carpenter in order to support his family.

As a carpenter Harrison Ford could’ve designed and built executive suites Austin, but he continued to share his carpentry skills with fellow Hollywood tenants, and it was clearly quite positive for his career. After the success of The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola hired Harrison Ford to expand his office and then proceeded to hire Ford as a part actor in two of his upcoming movies; Apocalypse Now and The Conversation.

Harrison’s moving on up
Continuing work as a carpenter Harrison Ford was hired as a stagehand for The Doors. His carpentry skill was still quite popular with the Hollywood set and he was commissioned to build cabinets at George Lucas’ home. Lucas offered Ford an accredited role in his movie, American Graffiti, which was a further notch on Ford’s acting resume.

Ford was hired again by George Lucas to read lines for actors Lucas was auditioning for roles in his Star Wars movies. Portraying his character so well, Lucas hired Ford to play Han Solo, and Star Wars went on to become one of the most successful movies of all time. Harrison Ford didn’t start his career in an office for rent he initially modelled and built the cabinets and doors for them. Now, he’s one of the stars even our children’s kids won’t forget. Who could possibly forget Han Solo, or Indiana Jones? That’s showbiz.

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Dave Tucker is a big Harrison Ford fan and enjoys writing about movies.

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