6 January 2012

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The Biggest Celebrity Animal Rights Advocates

Animal rights is a worthy cause, whether it is for the humane treatment of animals or gaining exposure to the many lives of pets that can be saved. While every bit of support can help, major players help bring more awareness to the cause, especially those with high-profile media coverage like American celebrities. Check out some of the biggest celebrities who support and advocate for animal rights.

Sarah McLaughlin
Sarah McLaughlin is an amazing singer and songwriter with many chart topping. One of her most well known songs, Angel, not only climbed the charts when she initially released it, but has also become a very well known commercial for animal rights. Sara McLaughlin’s Angel is the theme for an ASPCA public service announcement that dictates visual images of the abused, sad and lonely animals that are taken in by the ASPCA and how just spare change can help make a difference for the lives of these animals. This public service announcement has helped the organization raise more than $30 million since 2006. Since her debut public service announcement Sara McLaughlin has released two more versions, one in 2008 featuring her sing Silent Night and another in 2009 featuring her song Answer.

Rachel Ray
In effort to reduce the amount of abandoned and abused animals that are placed in shelters, Rachel Ray has created a website that is dedicated to animals. She has featured information on proper nutrition and has developed her own brand of pet food! Her website raises awareness with her fans about organizations that make a difference for animals. A portion of proceeds made from her pet food goes to support these organizations which are:
  • North Shore Animal League America – that is the largest no-kill animal adoption and rescue organization in the world.
  • Bad Rap – an organization that helps educate people on American Pit Bull Terriers and their place as a beloved family pet
  • America’s Vet Dogs

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie isn’t just a humanitarian; she is also an avid supporter of animal rights. Together with Brad Pitt, they have donated $2 million to help support and conserve wildlife in their daughter Shiloh’s native country Namibia. The organization that benefited from this large donation was the Naankuse Lodge and Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia. It’s also reported that Angelina Jolie has requested her films to use fake fur for her wardrobe and ensured no animals were harmed during her collaboration with Akris in designing a handbag. Humane animal treatment is always a concern for Angelina Jolie.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson is notably one of the most serious and devoted when it comes to animal rights. Pamela consistently supports PETA and has been a vegan since she was a teenager. Pamela Anderson has been a strong supporter of PETA and has participated in numerous campaigns, many of which focused on not wearing fur. In 2003 and 2006 Pamela Anderson stripped naked for the campaign, “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.” PETA has awarded Pamela Anderson with a humanitarian award for her work. Anderson has also campaigned against Kentucky Fried Chicken for their treatment of chickens and helped spur the fruit-juice label POM in ceasing all animal testing.

About today's Guest Writer:
Dr. Susan Wright DMV is a practicing veterinarian of more than 10 years. Dr. Wright has written many articles proper pet care and animal advocacy. Susan is the staff expert on dog containment systems for DogFenceDIY.com

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