3 January 2012

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How to Start a Career Even During a Recession

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Everyone needs a job. To pay rent or a mortgage, buy groceries and cover all of life’s other expenses – a job is imperative. Unless you are Paris Hilton or some other Beverly Hills socialite, this is the reality most of us live in.

But jobs can frequently be low paying, time consuming and even demeaning. Boiled down, they offer little more than a paycheck. A career, on the other hand, increases self-worth through a combination of salary and personal rewards.

In other words, a career can feed your soul not just your pocket book. And that’s why rewarding careers are wrought with the type of competition that weeds out all but the best candidates. This scenario can become even more difficult to navigate in a recession when companies on a widespread level are downsizing or freezing hiring.

This doesn’t mean there’s no point in trying to secure a career. But it pays to be smart about it and play your best hand every time. To do that, you’ll need to understand how to get noticed and impress hiring agents.

Here’s how to do it:
  • One of the best ways to build a proper foundation on which to start a career is still to continue your education past high school. Colleges and universities are certainly fine options, but not the only game in town. Technical and specialty schools are also viable alternatives for students with limited resources.
  • Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door of an organization. While these short-term (and frequently volunteer-based) positions may pay in some cases, they are typically intended to provide the types of hands-on experiences that complement an associated academic experience.
  • Consider investing in a recruiting service to help your cause jump to the next level. Organizations like Modis IT Recruitment Services work tirelessly on the behalf of their clients to secure the introductions and interviews that are a necessity in competitive career fields.
  • A less , but highly effective, component of any career search should be networking. Whether conducted in person through trade groups and other niche organizations or by utilizing the broader reach of various social media platforms, networking remains an essential activity if you want to meet like-minded people who could introduce career opportunities.
  • Finally, get out there and go for it. No career opportunity will come knocking on your door. They have to be sought and seized. Confidence and perseverance are key traits that every career seeker should exhibit freely. Try and fail. Then learn from your mistakes. Eventually, the effort will pay off – even in a recession.
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