5 February 2012

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Black Eyed Peas Go On Hiatus But Deny Breakup Rumors

On November 23, 2011, the multi-platinum Black Eyed Peas shocked the music world by announcing that they would be performing one final concert at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium before taking an indefinite break. The group made the announcement on the Ellen DeGeneres Show before thanking fans for supporting the band at their final concert. The Black Eyed Peas made their hiatus plans official after battling tabloid rumors through the autumn months. The group confirmed that they will no longer be making music together for the moment. Band members and representatives continue to call the move a hiatus and insist it’s not a breakup.

The Black Eye Peas Final Concert

Fans in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium were able to experience the Black Eye Peas’ bittersweet final concert firsthand. The group performed their popular hip-pop songs and was seen on stage with celebrity friends. Queen Latifah hosted the evening’s ceremonious concert, which featured T-Pain, Flo-Rida, Sean Kingston, Cee Lo Green and Jason DeRulo as special guests.

Rumors Leading to the Band’s Split

The Black Eyed Peas have been recording and touring at a breakneck pace since hitting the airwaves in 1998. The band’s final year was as hectic as any in their illustrious career. In 2011, the band played the coveted Super Bowl halftime show, created a video to support relief efforts for the Japanese tsunami, performed at a festival sponsored by iHeartRadio and continued a grueling touring schedule. The group cancelled a highly anticipated appearance at a Michael Jackson tribute concert held in Wales approximately one month before the band’s hiatus was announced. The band cited unavoidable circumstances as the reason for their last-minute cancellation, which fueled existing rumors.

Is it Fergie’s Fault?

Often criticized in the press for her daring outfits and unusual sense of style, Fergie has received a lot of heat over the band’s so-called hiatus. Inquiries over pregnancy rumors were promptly shot down by Fergie’s publicist. The star’s representative said the singer did have plans of starting a family at some point but not immediately. Representatives also confirmed that pregnancy rumors were not the reason for the band’s split. Fergie may start a family, but fans can expect the star to release solo recordings in the near future.

What Will the Peas Do Next?

Before announcing the split, the Black Eyed Peas launched their own video dance game for Xbox Kinect systems and Wii game consoles. Although the band is on hiatus, these celebrities will still be receiving press. Will.i.am is releasing a new album with a single featuring Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger. Apl.de.ap, whose real name is Allan Lindo, Jr., will be traveling to the Philippines as an education ambassador. Jaime Luis G├│mez, better known as Taboo, will be spending more time with his family and promoting his new book.

Throughout the split, front man will.i.am insisted that the band was taking a break to complete part of their natural creative process. On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, will.i.am stated that the band traditionally takes time off between albums to work on solo projects and concentrate on family before making more music together. Despite worldwide news reports confirming the band’s hiatus, loyal fans will continue to speculate about the band’s future and wonder when music lovers will be able to see the Black Eyed Peas once again.

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