7 February 2012

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How To Tell A Chav From A Wannabe

Our favorite chav, Rose Tyler

At one point of time, Chavs were looked down upon as being the violent, temperamental and dangerous kinds of people who would hang around on the streets, looking for trouble. They would constantly look for potential targets, pick up random fights or simply damage private property. They were distinguished, from the regular crowd, by their unique attire and attitude. Today, all that is changing!

Chav clothing, style and attitude are quickly becoming the chosen mode of fashion for teenagers from up-market and high-society circles. Everything, from the clothes they wear, to the shoes, jewelry and more, all of it is being picked up by these individuals, looking to live the Chav way of life.

With all these people going around dressed like Chavs, how can you tell the difference between an “impersonator” and a real Chav?

The Clothes
Details – that’s where you need to pay attention if you want to be able to tell the difference. Almost every person will get the clothes right, in terms of the type of clothing. However, where you can tell a true Chav is when it comes to the brands their clothes impersonate. While the tops and lowers, of their tracksuits, can be original Nikes, Puma or Adidas, the baseball cap is always a Burberry replica.

Little Britain's Vicky Pollard.

The Make-up
Amongst women, make-up is usually the best and easiest way to differentiate between a true Chav (or Chavette) and a wannabe. In fact, if there was ever a Chav test for girls, it would be based on the make-up techniques. You start with a brilliant orange tan that needs to be sprayed on! That tan is followed up with a wonderful little layer of foundation.

Unlike regular foundation techniques that call for a tone similar to your skin, Chavettes prefer their foundation to be as bright as possible. A true Chav will put about three or four layers without blending it into their neckline.

After the foundation has gone up, the eye-liner comes in along with fake eye-lashes. The longer the fake lashes, the more chances there are of the girl being an actual Chavette. Then, there are the multiple layers and layers of eye-liner that make her look like a Giant Panda more than a human being.

The lipstick needs to be completely pale and most Chavettes tend to bleach their lips to match the bright foundation and even brighter orange tan. There needs to be a dark lining around the lips but that shouldn’t add any colour to the lips. Instead, the lips need to be coated with a shiny layer of clear lip gloss or even Vaseline should do the trick.

Finally, the original Chavette gives it a good once-over, around three times, with the blusher. The cheeks need to shine up with the brilliant red of fresh apples, giving them the finished look they are looking for. Oh wait! How can we forget the eye-shadow that needs to go on? While pink is the usual colour that goes onto it, you will even find some new-age Chavettes who favour the silver colour as well.

If you are looking for a true Chavette, then you need to make sure that you know the signs that separate the real ones from the fakes. Keep an eye on the details and you will find these guidelines helping you nicely along the way.

Laura Whitsnape

About today's Guest Writer:
Laura has spent around 18 years working on fashion, working both as a designer and as a consultant in the industry. Laura spent a decade working as a designer before taking a break to take care of her kids. She moved onto writing about fashion, working as a consultant and staying around the industry. Her work took her through a number of interesting projects like creating Chav test for girls’ magazines or creating some clothes for homeless shelters.

Catherine Tate as Lauren.

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