29 February 2012

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UK: Hollywood Directors Grab London Office Space

Film sets and office space are the peanut butter and jam of the entertainment business. Producers looking to save on their film costs will often use serviced office space as a make-shift film set. In recent news, Hollywood directors are approaching London developers to enquire about leasing temporary office space. Already a hotspot for foreign investors, UK office spaces are being snapped up like hotcakes. From safe investments to landing spots for the likes of Batman and James Bond, developers are cashing in on these innovative offers.

Basking in the spotlight for their panoramic views, their prime location to high-profile events like the Olympic Games and the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation and their structural benefits, Central London workplaces are adopting new open door policies to maximise profit intakes.

Why use an office space as a temporary film set?
A lot of director’s are acutely aware of the benefits of using serviced office spaces as film sets. The real deal, an office space provides the structural quality and authentic work environment that a likeness can’t pull off. Movies like ‘The Office’ and ‘Horrible Bosses’ are examples of films that need real office space to produce quality footage.

The inclination to use office space for movies that are set in a corporate environment will also save time. Film timelines are usually quite tight. From the budget to the amount of hours, directors need to manage their allocations efficiently. For actors and actresses needing to get into character, sitting in an office that has housed many employees and their bosses is a means to an end. And it isn’t just the interior that’s in demand. Many office rooftops are principal sites for camera crews looking to capture the upcoming London festivities. The fees that companies are charging to rent out their office rooftops are likely to double their revenue.

Vacant office space will be difficult to come by in London. If these venues aren’t being used as film-sets, foreign business spaces, or local corporate housing for employees, they’re bound to be utilised by online retailers looking to invest in physical quarters. Big Brands like Google, Amazon, and eBay have decided to capitalise on shoppers that are distrustful of online shopping. Building consumer confidence by investing in office space is the way forward for companies that I wanting to build inroads to their untapped resources.

Office space is increasingly becoming a hub of cultural production; whether for short or long term use. With London being a host to a large selection of serviced office space, it isn’t a surprise that both local and foreign investors are creating a large demand in the area.

About today's Guest Writer:
Bella Gray is an avid blogger with an interest in Central London office space and her own set of executive suites sitauted in the USA. Aside from her Amercan roots, Gray enjoys travelling to serviced offices Hong Kong in her off time and writing about global corporate workspaces for business men and women looking to expand their assets.

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