13 March 2012

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Best Films Based Out Of London

When it comes to locations for movies, there are certain cities that have always caught the fancy of film-makers in Hollywood. Prague immediately pops to mind as does Moscow and the ever-present Paris. However, amongst the most famous films to have hit the screen, many have called London their home. A massive cosmopolitan city with layers of personality, London lends more to films than most named above.

That is probably the reason why this multi-dimensional city has been the base for some famous films like the ones named below.

Controversial director, Roman Polanski decided to base his 1965 thriller in London, where his main character lives, works and plays. The city of London, in the midst of its growth spurt, takes you through some of the intimate parts of the city as the story takes you through a love story that transports you to an incredible world.

Batman Begins
So you thought that this massively popular film was shot entirely in the USA? You wouldn’t be wrong because parts of it have been. However, a large part of the film, especially the parts dealing with the court house scenes based inside the lobby of the Senate House at the University of London. Sure, Batman doesn’t glide through those scenes but you do get a taste of this magnificent city and its ever-lasting culture.

Sense and Sensibility
Ang Lee’s creation brings out the best of London, as does Jane Austen’s classic tale. The Georgian house that plays a major part in this movie fits the bill with restored interiors adding colour to the settings. The city itself is shown in its former glory, with a less-crowded setting taking you back through time.

Shaun of the Dead
One of the most hilarious flicks of modern time, Shaun of the Dead makes Crouch End its home. As Simon Pegg and Nick Frost fight zombies in and around the beautiful neighbourhood, you get to see some real-life settings such as their apartment on Nelson Road, the newsagent near Weston Park and even the Winchester pub.

A Clockwork Orange
An all-time classic that brings out the horrific nature of gangs based in a controlled or repressed Britain, from the future, A Clockwork Orange uses London to form the background to the story. The film portrays some disturbing images as psychological and violent plots take you on a rip-roaring ride through this fantastic city.

The King’s Speech
Probably the pick of the bunch, this movie is based out of London just before the start of the Second World War. As Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth wow your senses with their phenomenal performances, you are taken through London’s various faces as you would have probably seen in the late 1930s, early 1940s. The performances are complimented by the depth-in-character of this fantastic city, bringing a wonderful story to life.

London generates a number of different kinds of thoughts in people’s minds. From being a bustling metropolis to a mysterious intimate city, every part of the city has its own charm. These movies are nothing but a medium of giving you an experience of the city, which in turns adds to the brilliance of these movies.

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