4 May 2012

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Angels & Airwaves: The 'Surrender' In Slow-Mo Video

Today, we've got a nice little treat for the music lovers out there, courtesy of O2 Academy TV...

Not only Angels & Airwaves is definitely a band that is worth listening to, being the result of the artictic collaboration of four accomplished musicians such as Tom DeLonge (from Blink-182), David Kennedy (from Boxcar Racer), Matt Wachter (from 30 Seconds To Mars) and  Ilan Rubin (from Lostprophets and  Nine Inch Nails), but also the version of 'Surrender' in today's video is... well, yes... (like it says in the title of this post)... a slow-motion one.

Vive la difference!


Loup Dargent

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