3 May 2012

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Perthshire - Offering A Piece Of Scotland For Everyone

Once seen as the biggest county in Scotland (hence it’s name the ‘Big County’), Perthshire may have seen a slow decline in popularity over the last five or six decades due to the development boom within cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow in nearby counties, but for those who care to take a trip to Perthshire today, they soon know all too well just how fantastic a county it actually is.

Image credit: George Ornbo/Flickr

Historic Perth
Take a look at the county’s major city, Perth, as an example. It has a number of points of historical importance. The city was once the capital city of Scotland, largely because of its royal association to the city’s involvement in the entire country’s economic development (due to its railway links in the 19th century, it proved to be a primary transport hub for the importing and exporting of various industries), and it’s still possible to see the long lasting influence history has had on the city.

On a similar note but moving away from the city, you can sample a range of stunning architectural delights, such as Scone Palace, a Grade A listed building made of red sandstone that is nothing short of awe-inspiring - it offers a fantastic day out for all the family, as the grounds, with maze, are open to the public - and Blair Castle, built in the early 13th century and which is fascinating both in terms of its somewhat simplistic design and the many historical souvenirs and memorabilia on show inside.

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Of course, although Perthshire does have a vast and exciting history, there’s an array of other sights and attractions to take in if you’re looking for something different. The county’s natural beauty in the form of its many mountains and glens is a prime example.

Mountains and Festivals
Home to one of the Scottish Highlands’ tallest mountains, Ben Lawers, which stands a staggering 3,983 feet high and Scotland’s longest fully enclosed glen in Glen Lyon, which runs for almost 35 miles, Scotland is known for its beautiful landscapes and Perthshire has arguably some of the best examples of it.

And let’s not forget the area’s culture - head to Perth in the spring and you can sample the annual Festival of the Arts. If you have to visit later on in the year, there’s a number of theatres, museums and art galleries, including the ever popular Perth Museum and Art Gallery, a 190 year old building, available for you to enjoy.

Image credit: Roger Wollstadt/Flickr

Just because the city of Perth or in fact the entire county of Perthshire itself may not be as popular or as prominent as its larger counterparts, doesn’t make it any less of a fantastic part of the country. The simple fact is the focus on other Scottish cities and counties in many ways has impacted positively upon Perthshire, giving it the opportunity to naturally develop. Today, Perthshire offers something that not many other parts of Scotland can - something for everyone in one single place.

About today's Guest Writer:
Matthew Bettoli writes for Cottages and Castles, who offer beautiful Perthshire holiday cottages for your next trip to Scotland.

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