24 July 2012

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How Marion Cottilard Gets Her Look

 Since breaking into the mainstream’s collective conscience with her powerful and Oscar winning performance as Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose, Marion Cotillard has continued to enchant film goers with her incredible talent and natural beauty. Away from the silver screen too, the French born star of Midnight In Paris and Contagion has captivated on the red carpet and in fashion shoots with her fresh blend of Gallic sophistication and elegance. In achieving this look the actress has utilised a number of different techniques.

Minimal make-up
   Unlike many of her contemporaries who mask many of their most attractive facial features under layers and layers of make-up, Cotillard understands that a small amount, applied with discretion, can be far more complimentary. As such, Cottilard, is unlikely to be found under a wave of false tan and favours, in its places, a much more natural approach to makeup. Rather than applying haphazardly, Cotillard takes a measured approach and uses subtlety to flatter. At The Dark Knight Rises Europen Premier in London, Cotillard appeared on the red carpet looking fresh faced and with a lively glow despite not being caked in products. The look was achieved with a simplistic application of a vibrant and lively creamy coral lipstick. The colour, a summery shade of red, not only enhanced the actresses’ pout but also provided a complexion brightening illusion.

Boldly accessorise

   At the same premier Cotillard teamed her bright attention grabbing lipstick with accessories which helped complete the vibrant look she was aspiring for. As red is a naturally eye-catching colour, Cotillard is aware of the fact that using the colour in splashes is a great way of standing out from the crowd whilst not being overwhelmed by the shade – if she had plumped for a bright pink, or even a neon altenative, the outfit would have been lacking in sophistication. Instead Cotillard plumped for a fire engine red Dior clutch bag and a matching pair of chic Dior heels. Had either of these items, or the lipstick, been worn without the accompanying accessories they may have been overbearing for the rest of the outfit but the busts of colour, all only small components of the ensemble and placed a distant apart, make the choice of vibrant colour fun and bold whilst showing Cotillard is in control of her outfit and not the other way around. At Cannes, Cottilard showed another example of using bursts of colours in a controlled fashion by teaming yellow Versus heels with a bright gold belt; two items that were the most colourful parts of the ensemble, placed away from each other and not overwhelming the designer dress she teamed them with.

Timeless sophistication

   The French actress’ signature outfit usually combines teaming ultra-feminine hairstyles, waves and soft perms, with matching dresses. Showing many of her contemporaries that it is possible to be sexy whilst being high class, Cotillard rarely steps out in public not sporting a dress or skirt, all of which match the sophisticated persona she has cultivated. One trick that Cotillard pulls of very well is her fondness for wearing dresses that appear timeless in style; in the same way that George Clooney dresses and acts like a man who could be a contemporary of Humphrey Bogart in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Cotillard could just as easily belong to the same period and has a style not dissimilar to Audrey Hepburn or Ingrid Bergman. By aspiring to such a style, it is impossible for Cotillard to wear clothes that are currently not “on trend” as she transcends the fickle nature of current fashion, sporting outfits that will always look good. The sophisticated outfits she plumps for too are a fantastic way for the actress to subtly show off her figure which she does by teaming high heels with above the knee skirts giving her the illusion of longer legs. The Cotillard look is all about knowing sophistication and glamour; this trick is a perfect illustration of that.

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