24 July 2012

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Which Of Your Kids Would You Put Up For Sale?

Before you guys start wondering about the degree of my evilness, you might want to read the following email sent to me by our friends at the Brave New Foundation and watch the embedded video as they will explain the title of today's post.

It looks like Evil has got a name in America after all and it's... ALEC.


Loup Dargent

The Email:

Public education is essential to our democracy — but big corporations and their front group ALEC see it as just another way to make money. They're working to ensure your tax dollars get diverted to private companies that skimp on quality, sometimes foregoing school buildings and classrooms altogether, to maximize profits. They might as well put a dollar sign on students' foreheads.

Is that the kind of world we want? Watch the video to understand how ALEC is trying to put students up for sale.

Thanks as always for your support,

Robert Greenwald

The Video:

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