24 September 2015

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The One About The Election-Themed "Canadian Revolution" Music Video [Video + Lyrics Included]

While browsing through my PR Newswire account, the following news item caught my eye:
"TORONTOSept. 23, 2015 /CNW/ - Toronto-based singer/rapper Gaiaisi (Gaia's Eye) has released a controversial election-themed music video, filmed on Parliament Hill, that is currently going viral, having reached over 40,000 people on YouTube and Facebook in just 4 days since its initial release."
So, as I do love songs with a message, I had a proper look, watched the video... and decided to share it with you.


Loup Dargent

Who's Who

As not all this blog's visitors are from Canada, I thought it might be a good idea to add some (brief) info regarding Harper and Gaiaisi first...

Stephen Harper is current Prime Minister of Canada (well, until October 19 anyway) and the Leader of the Conservative Party... More details/info can be found by clicking here.

Gaiaisi is "a hip-hop & live music artist with a message meant to spark a revolution in every aspect of our lives, as well as an entertainer with whole lot of funky sh** designed just to please your ear drums and make other parts of your body move.Official Website: www.gaiaisi.org

The Video  [Clean Version]

More About The Song 
“Canadian Revolution” is both a musical assault on Harper’s policies, as well as a diversely-illustrated effort to bring attention to under-represented election issues like climate change, poverty in Canada, and a push for proportional representation at the ballot box. 

The Lyrics
Had to come back
Just to smack you
Lyrically in the face, been
Lying to our country nine years now
The place is
Ready for a change at a pace
Equal to our vision
You’re in Parliament right now
But you belong in prison
For the killing of our people
Killing of our kindred
Poison in the water
Put it there
You should drink it
And move your house to the Tar Sands
Came to reclaim it
Cause this land is our land

From sea to shining sea
Are we in a dream asleep blindly
Now all the green outdoors
Chopped to the floor
And I’m dying to stop
This war
From sea to shining sea
Said its a beautiful world I see
But some still sleep
On cold concrete
So this is freedom
Of assembly?

One of the richest
Nations on the planet, yet
Millions in poverty
Toxic waste legal
If its on our common property
Some of the most fresh water
Left on this Earth
Yet the first nations cursed to
Drink oil and dirt
Now we work for it
Communicate with the awake
From the melting Arctic
To the Blue and Great Lakes
We take it now for granted
That our politicians owned
Not by the people voting
But the favours that they owe
For so-called donations
Bribes buy the nation
Paid for by those
CEO’s of corporations
So take a moment now
Before you drop the ballot
To judge who their money
Comes from
Hit the mallet now

From sea to shining sea
Said its like the scene
Of a crime I bleed
See how our native souls
Sacred stole
Now we all in a broken home
From sea to shining sea
Said there’s a fire where I see
That all the ice is gone
What’s going on?
Is it time for
A rebellion?

(Bridge Mishaki Binese & Rosary Spence)
Translated from Cree:
For the water and the skies
For the land and the fires
For the people and all our relations
We give thanks to the creator
To our Mother Earth

Imagine this:
A million people vote for something
And the result: nothing
Ballots get trashed
Said its fair
But they’re bluffing
Cause the way ish getting counted is
Totally out of wack
First past the post
Is a total load of cr*ck
Cause you’d have to be smoking that
To thing this ish was just
One person one vote
Why can’t it just be such?
Is it too much
To think things could be different
What if minimum wage
Was what we paid to politicians
It’d be hilarious
If this wasn’t a tragedy
Power to the people
Word to Her Majesty...

From sea to shining sea
Are we in a dream asleep blindly
Now hear the people all
Heed to the call
While the leaves fall
From sea to shining sea
Said there’s a fire where I see
But now we standing strong
To protect our home
So this is freedom
Oh we let it be

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