23 September 2015

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Films That Explored The Future Of Information Technology

Movies with events that were set around twenty or a hundred years from now are very interesting. Everyone is always intrigued of things that they haven’t seen yet and are about to happen. No wonder that another artificial intelligence movie would be a big hit in the US and in other parts of the world. 

But before a futuristic movie appears again, let us remind ourselves that we had enough of these innovative treats and advanced spoilers which came from movies we have watched not a very long time ago. If we recollect our memories of these fantastic films, we may realize that these sci-fi creations have explored the future of information technology.

We may have already heard some news about technology which was displayed in the motion pictures. However, there are still some which we haven’t seen yet leaving us a question as to when, where and how they are going to happen. Here are movies which explored the future of information technology and its various branches. Feel free to share your thoughts about related movies you know that are not included herein.

Ender’s Game (2013)

Ender’s Game provided heaps of high-technology gadgets, simulation and war equipments. Having such compound and heavy duty tools for war and protection will let humanity live like there are no hazards or threats to peace and orderliness. Scenes include laser tag battles, fantastic simulation games, a zero gravity battle room and Ender’s epic battle against aliens using computer simulation.

This movie is somehow related to the development of autonomous weapons systems that are happening in real life. These weapons are controlled by complex algorithms just like in the film and such technology was the discussion of war ethics held at the Convention of Conventional Weapons in Geneva, Switzerland. The U.S. military is expecting that twenty five percent of U.S. soldiers will be replaced by robots and drones.

Wall-E (2008)

The tear-jerking high definition motion picture was set 700 years later. During those times, Earth was damaged to the point that humans can no longer live in it. Humans have to live in a huge cruise-like spaceship and sit around on hover-chairs. Thought it may be hard to accept, humans as depicted by the movie are grotesquely obese that they can no longer stand on their own. Social media screens may be the only motivation why they’re still holding on to their lives.

The hands-free screens that were shown in the film actually existed in real life. Apart from this gadget, researchers were able to construct the Hoveround. This is a chair that floats and can hold up to 330 pounds. Robots like Wall-E and Eve are no longer surprising to exist a few decades from now.

Pacific Rim (2013)

Jaegers are giant mechas being used to defend against monsters that emerged from a portal located at the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Two pilots control these enormous humanoid robots and their combat performance is awesome.

According to the law of physics, the Earth may not be able to carry a single Jaeger. But Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries was able to produce a robot that can be controlled by a robot pilot. The piece of this robotic technology was named Kuratas. It weighs twelve thousand pounds and can be purchased for $1.3 million. Though this art piece is not ready for combat, the fact that it has brain-controlled features is already a reality.

Her (2013)

Samantha is Theodore’s girlfriend. She is not your typical lady that you can date because she doesn’t own a physical body. Samantha is an artificial intelligence operating system. In the movie, every input is based on what Theodore will say in front of his desktop computer.

Samantha is somehow equivalent to real life’s automated assistants such as Siri and Google Now. Futurists like Ray Kurzwell is expecting for this kind of technology to take over by the year 2029. Like in the movie, technology nowadays can help treat a person from loneliness and possibly, dementia.

Iron Man (2008-2013)

Multibillionaire and sexy genius Tony Stark owns an impressive computing system and personal assistant named JARVIS. One of the things that are amazing about JARVIS is his user interface and holographic peripherals can be manipulated by a touch of a hand.

It seems Siri is aspiring to be like JARVIS. But as of now, the closest to Iron-Man’s technology is the Oculus Rift partnered with a Leap Motion controller. Space X CEO Elon Musk demonstrated ways on designing rocket parts with hand gestures by making use of the above tools. Meanwhile in Korea, Jinha Lee is finding out ways on how to eliminate the need for a screen monitors.

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