22 September 2015

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The One About The 'Seinabo Sey: Silent Bus Sessions - Younger [A Capella]' Video

"For the first time, an a cappella version of ”Younger” - recorded live on a very quiet electric bus in Gothenburg, Sweden. A magic journey with Seinabo Sey and amazed passengers on the number 55 bus on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon..." 

And, we've got the video of it and all, so that you can experience that wonderful musical moment too!


Loup Dargent

PS: Feel free to sing along while watching... I'm sure people around you will understand (Trust me, I'm The Loupster) ;-)

A Bit More About The 'Silent Bus Sessions' 
"This summer, public transport users in Gothenburg, Sweden got to experience a new, significantly quieter travel option. The new bus route 55 opened on 15 June. It has three completely electric buses and seven electric hybrid buses. Few of the passengers travelling the route on 7 September suspected what was in store when they boarded the bus and stepped right into a video recording of the Silent Bus Sessions. 
The videos from Seinabo Sey’s bus concert will be released today. The songs are unique versions of her hits “Younger” and “Hard Time”, and were performed a cappella with a backing choir. 
“I've wanted an opportunity to sing with my friends from the Tensta Gospel Choir for so long, and it was fantastic that it finally happened. It was a special day. The passengers had no idea what was going to happen, and I was a bit nervous about how they would react,” Seinabo says..."
The Video

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