12 January 2016

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A Storm In A Twitter Cup... [The One About That Milo Unverified Account Thing]

With the #JeSuisMilo hashtag spamming Twitter these last days, you could easily make the mistake to think that someone called Milo got killed by some terrorists... 

I mean, after all, the anniversary of the dreadful events in Paris was only a few days ago and nobody would trivialise what happened then by using a hashtag a la #JeSuisCharlie for something silly, would they?

Oh, yes, they would... and they bloody did!

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The Bruised Ego Affair
Apparently, a contributor to a Right Wing website got a slap on the wrist from Twitter and got the shiny blue badge that used to verify his account taken away. "Shock! Horror! How dare they? Etc... etc... etc.. "
And, suddenly, the guy had become another so-called "Freedom of Speech martyr"...
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According to the Miloista, Twitter is now (when did that drastic - and imaginary - change happen exactly?) a very evil "leftist" site that has made its prime goal to silence all the conservatives... 
The fact that there are still loads of Hitler lickers and White Supremacists freely tweeting their less than political correct stuff doesn't seem to bother, even in the sightliest, those promoting and/or believing that brand new conspiracy theory.
The Martyr Game
Sadly, instead of looking at his past (and recent) behaviour on Twitter and realise that maybe, just maybe, the site's management could not be seen as "rewarding" trolls (even the famous and popular ones) with verified accounts, Milo chose to blame his unverification on censorship , going as far as claiming that Twitter got rid of him (how does one equal unverifying someone with  getting rid of them is anyone's guess...), reenforcing his "Freedom of Speech martyr" image, in the process.
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Oh yes, and, of course (well, according to Milo, that is), only conservatives get banned on Twitter... 
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Hmm... Looks like someone is playing the "victim card" here, doesn't it?
"In Cyberspace, Nobody Can Hear You Cry..."
Unless the crying is done by a self-promoting troll and his groupies, that is...

"To Be Or Not To Be... Verified" 
Is losing the shiny blue badge the end of the world? Not really, no (unless you're someone with an over-inflated ago, that is...)  
  • Your followers won't notice any difference (apart from the disappearance of the blue stick, maybe... especially if you've made a song and dance about it) so you haven't lost your same main audience at all.
  • In case of other users imitating you, the authenticity of your account can be easily checked by people going to your main website/blog and clicking on the Twitter widget displayed there.
  • While it might not be fool proof all the time, a quick check at your followers and the imitator's ones is usually a good way to know who is fake and who is genuine as your number will, most of the time, be much higher than any newly opened parody account.
Not really much of an attempt of silencing anyone, is it?
Was Milo Punished For Only One Tweet?
Having been on Twitter for quite a few years, now, I can safely say that one relatively tame (at least, that's how it could look to people who don't know the full story behind it) tweet on its own is usually not enough to warrant the Twitter's hammer to fall. 

This very informative article from Business Insider seems to confirm I'm right about that.

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But, I still have a strong feeling that Milo's past misbehaviour was probably also looked into before the decision to unverify his account was made, somehow. 

The Petition

There is now a petition asking the Obama Administration to "issue a statement demanding the restoration of Milo Yiannopoulos's Twitter verification badge." and has already (at the time of this post being published) almost reached the impressive amount of... 1,600 signatures! Wow! (I was being sarcastic here, by the way.
It more or less says that "Twitter has effectively declared war on libertarian and millennial voices by punishing the outspoken commentator (Milo) for his views."
Click here to see the petition 
All I'll will say is good luck to them with that. Not only I can't see Obama, or any country leader for that matter, getting involved in what is in essence just a beef between an online site user and the management of that site, but, after all the brouhaha caused by Milo and his supporters' repetitive tantrums, the Twitter's management cannot now back down under any kind of pressure even (and, especially) from a high political level, as that would make them seen as weak and it would then lead to a free for all situation for the site's trolls after that. 
Anyway, it might not even be an issue as it doesn't look like Milo's 140 000 plus followers are in a hurry to sign that petition... 
Looking On The Bright Side 
At least, it looks like Twitter is starting to seriously tackle the site's trolls problem. Twitter has been a heaven for trolls for far too long... 

Looking back at  the death threats that some of my friends and I got tweeted at (among other unsavoury things) last year, it kind of  feels like it's too little too late at the moment. 
But, I'm still willing to give Twitter the benefit of the doubt and see how it goes... 
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More Information
Here are a few links to articles written about the whole unverifying thing...
Even More Information
Those articles give us a better insight on what kind of person Milo is (allegedly)...
Straight From the Horse's Mouth
Warning: You might want to have a bucket ready near you before reading this "article"...

Click on here to read full article
UPDATE: 'That Darn Skeleton In The Closet...'
Milo's supporters, and his colleagues from Breitbart, have been very busy pointing fingers at some verified Twitter accounts lately, whining, like the sore losers they are, that those accounts still had the shiny blue badge even so (in their own very biased opinion) they didn't deserve it... but, failing, of course, to include accounts like the Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump's ones (to cite but a few) in their hit list, interestingly enough.
Unfortunately for those playing the fingers pointing game, it looks like, by their own logic, Milo's account should not even have been verified in the first place... Oops!
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Many thanks to @SLATFascists for the heads up! 

That "MiloGate" Video:
Oh dear...

To be continued...

Stay tuned! ;-)

Stay safe and play nice...

Loup Dargent

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