9 January 2016

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Tango Down! #BNP Struck Off Register Of UK Political Parties

It's "tango down" for the BNP...
I know it's not Breaking News as such (it was on Twitter, and all over the net, already yesterday after all) but this is Good News! And, good news, even if they're temporary, do need to be shared a lot as they do help making the start of the new year a bit more cheerful, somehow... 
Let's begin with a few links for more feedback/info/details about the BNP's rather humiliating downfall:
I'll, of course, add some more related links through the Zemanta App (its results are usually showing at the bottom of the posts under the "Related Articles" title), hopefully soon... Watch this space! ;-)

Obviously, they are lots of tweets out there about it, by now... but here are a few randomly chosen ones:
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Click here to see tweet on Twitter
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Click here to see tweet on Twitter
(As you might have guessed, that tweet was not randomly chosen... but, it was fun posting it and I wanted to share the fun with you. Honest!)

Okay... Now, it's time for the pièce de résistance!

It's an email that I've received a few hours ago from Nick Lowles (Hope Not Hate), providing us with even more informative (and interesting) feedback on the controversial "party" .. It's available for your perusal, underneath the racist twats (current and former) BNP leaders picture.


Loup Dargent

Adam Walker, current BNP leader, with former party leader Nick Griffin
(Anita Maric/News Team International)
The Email

'Today Britain is a little bit better off'

"Dear Loup,

Just heard some fantastic news that I wanted to share with you. The Electoral Commission have today announced that the British National Party has been struck off as a political party after it failed to renew its registration.

That means that it cannot stand candidates in elections or be considered a political party any more. This is a huge humiliation for the fascist party and reflects its demise in recent years.

Much of this has happened because of us. HOPE not hate was set up to provide a positive antidote to the BNP, which at one time had 2 MEPs, 67 councillors and one person on the London Assembly. In 2009 over 800,000 people voted for them.

Slowly but surely HOPE not hate activists began pushing them back. We stopped them in Oldham and reversed the tide in Burnley, Stoke, Sandwell and Bradford. We did it street by street, community by community.

And then, in 2010, there was Barking and Dagenham. BNP leader Nick Griffin thought he could become an MP, the party thought it could win the council. Over 1,500 HOPEnot hate activists delivered 355,000 newspapers, leaflets and letters. And the BNP ended up with nothing and its defeat signalled the beginning of its downwards spiral.

You can read the full story of our campaign against the BNP here.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said Britain was a "little better off today because of this news".

"Today is a victory for the thousands of people and organisations like Hope Not Hatewho worked to make the case for an inclusive, welcoming and outward-looking nation."

While we celebrate the BNP's de-registration our work is not done. Britain First, with its one million Facebook supporters, will be standing in elections this year. UKIP whip up fear and hatred of immigrants. And next month Stephen Lennon, the former leader of the EDL, takes to the streets once again with his new anti-Muslim organisation Pegida.

HOPE not hate will continue to challenge hatred and extremism in our communities, but today, let's celebrate the demise of the BNP.

Thank you

Nick and the HnH team "

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