9 October 2018

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"Enemy of the Human Race" Highly Explosive, Revealing and Thought-provoking Book by Henry I. Balogun

Hate is ugly, neglectful, too isolating and by all account anti-godliness.

"Enemy of the human race" - Book Cover
"Enemy of the human race" - Book Cover
The root of hate runs deep says Henry I. Balogun author of "Enemy of the human race." This new book provides the strongest, most damning and unambiguous response to the demeaning and insulting derogatory "shithole" remark allegedly made by Donald J. Trump about Africa
It also highlights resentment for the revival of hate orchestrated by Trump supporters in response to his presidency. The President's inability to condemn hate gave new credence to the idea of "us versus them" along with the false and delusional hope of creating isolated enclave exclusively for "us" because this is "our world," "our cities" and "our streets." 
The President's inability to condemn hate is now providing unhealthy platform for "left" against "right" and "conservative" against "liberal" all around the world.
Henry Balogun, in this eye-opening piece of excellent literary work entitled "Enemy of the human race," went deeper to expose and unearth hidden root of division and unprecedented discord that has turned the human family against one another. 
Those who believe that they are completely unaffected by the unfortunate stories of the past need to realize that "the bell tolls" for them as well.
Balogun's desire to agitate the sleep of evil led him to look into histories that are historically false, and poke into legislation written, passed, adopted, signed into law and acted upon but intentionally ignored, tramped over and pushed into oblivion by historians and legal scholars in the interest of making human tragedy and the shameful story of the past look like something unique to the only vulnerable segment of the human family.
There is also a candid look at the new United States in the age of Donald J. Trump known as "United States 2.0." The need to understand the person at the Oval Office led Henry Balogun to carefully examine the life and personality of Donald J. Trump.
"Enemy of the human race" started by uncovering the only engine running and keeping division alive – hate. The footprint of hate is everywhere. Open the book and read about concealed and gratuitous hate historically inscribed in religion, politics, news media, educational institutions, history, government, business, law and every aspect of human existence. Balogun, in this incredible work did not shy away from providing full analysis with regard to series of induced behaviors as well as many unhealthy expectations responsible for the exponential growth of hate..
Finally, "Enemy of the human race" opened the curtain to show us the ever glowing work of those agents of light whose courageous life and work helped those affected by hate to find credible, civilized and peaceful way to resist, thereby regain lost glory and pride in a non-passive but serene way of invoking civility.
Dr. Henry I. Balogun
Dr. Henry I. Balogun
Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, "Enemy of the human race" is expected to be available on Oct. 12, 2018 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Google Play. 

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SOURCE: Dr. Henry I. Balogun

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