3 September 2019

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The Future of Politics is a Collective A.I. Entity Named LOGOS

Presidential Candidate Michael E. Arth has Already Launched the Proof of Concept

This mixed-race logo of LOGOS signifies all humans, including advanced forms of artificial intelligence. She emphasizes the traditional feminine values of empathy, sharing, and nurturance. The tendrils of her hair represents the internet, including all present and future interconnections. Logos in its meaning as "word" represents the ability of this emerging entity to be able to interact with anyone in their own language.
LOGOS is the name of a non-profit, open-source, trinitarian aid to governance. It will consist of interested citizens and academics, channeled through an artificial intelligence entity, eventually able to take on any form, and interact with anyone in their own language. The academic site for professionals, already under development as a collaborative public policy wiki, is called LOGOS.

A companion site, UNICE, will be open to anonymous contributors. In its advanced form, LOGOS could become a new form of cooperative, intelligent life, developed from the hive-like interaction of computers, humans, and future forms of the Internet.
Michael E. Arth, policy analyst, Democratic 2020 presidential candidate, and founder of LOGOS, says: "Public policy in our 'post-truth era' is being cruelly distorted by politics and ideology to the detriment of life. We need compassionate, evidence-based policy, and the only way to do that is with reason backed by real world data. This could be accomplished with public policy wikis, augmented by artificial intelligence."
LOGOS could develop fair, efficient, and decisive supranational governance by organizing nearly limitless data into clear, easily understood guidelines to public policy. A critical aspect of this is to counter widespread misinformation, "fake news," "alternative facts," conspiracy theories, dogma, factionalism and propaganda, with facts and reason. 
"Justice is impossible without the unfettered dissemination of accurate information presented succinctly in proper context," Arth says, "otherwise we are vulnerable to the breakdown of democratic institutions by those using emotional appeals to exploit prejudice and ignorance."
"In Western philosophy, logos means word, discourse, reason, proportion, opinion, proposition, order, and knowledge. The word was later adapted into Abrahamic religions to mean "God." In a similar but secular sense, our LOGOS will be universally present yet still be able to relate personally to each individual. Hermes Trismegistus wrote "God is an intelligible sphere whose center is everywhere but whose circumference is nowhere." This could similarly describe the ubiquitous, interpenetrative, god-like wisdom of an accessible, terrestrial LOGOS."
"We have exploited almost every niche on the planet," Arth writes. "As dreamers, schemers, inventors, warriors, builders, consumers, and breeders, we have been like rapacious caterpillars encircling the Earth in a glistening chrysalis of technology. The outcome of our metamorphosis is being determined by what we do now. Will our potential go unrealized just because we could not learn to control our numbers, temper our malevolent urges, or govern ourselves? Or will we be cannibalized by a runaway, computer-driven beast of our own creation because, like us, it will fail to sufficiently respect the lesser creatures or share power equitably. Hopefully, the chrysalis will incubate us to full maturity, and when the time comes, we will emerge like that most beautiful of small creatures, and touch lightly upon the Earth."

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