The Bonehill Zone - Episode Guide

"A look into that weird fantasy world created by Joshua Bonehill's mind..."

Full Intro:
" You are about to enter a very dark corner of the cyber-world...

An area of the internet where some poor deluded souls cannot let go of the fact that their side has lost the war many decades ago. A parallel dimension of its own, where the Hitler lickers publicly share their fascist wet dreams about taking the country they live in back to the 'good old days' when democracy was not even an idea yet... or even a word.

In that dark side of the internet, social pariahs, sociopaths and psychopaths meet together to moan about their alleged lack of Freedom of Speech and mentally masturbate over fantasist plans to rule the planet under one rule, one 'master race'.

It is a world full of hatred based on ancient prejudices, redundant old beliefs and far fetched conspiracy theories. A world where the infamous ginger dwarf and wannabe fuhrer, Joshua Bonehill, contributes on an hourly basis in a desperate attempt to make his mark and secure a place as supreme leader...

We call it The Bonehill Zone."

The 'Episodes':
Pilot Episode: The Shortest Hunger Strike Ever
"Joshua Bonehill's Hunger Strike: Another Porky From The Self-Proclaimed New Messiah?"

Episode 1: That Weird Twitter Moment
"That Night When Moronic Antisemite Joshua Bonehill Had A Public Meltdown On Twitter..."

Episode 2: The Imaginary Labour Poster
"Joshua Bonehill - Moronic Troll Back To His Old Tricks With Labour Party Poster Hoax!"

Episode 2.5: The Imaginary Diane Abbott Poster
"Joshua Bonehill - Moronic Nazi Troll At It Again With Diane Abbott Poster Hoax!"

The 'Special Episodes':

The Anonymous Special Episode: Beware Of The Court Of Owls...
"Bonehill Vs Anon - The Story So Far... [Statement From Anonymous Devon Included!]"

The YouTube Playlist

Coming (Relatively) Soon:
So far there are several 'episodes' in the making covering stories such as: Bonehill and 'time travelling', those death threats that 15 of us received on Twitter, Boney and his 'theories' about aliens, Boney having been 'catfished' and the full story behind the fake Portillo account.

There is also another 'special' in the making, having to do with Boney and his sock puppets (with a golden opportunity to recycle one of my old posts on how to create online sock puppets and get away with it, in the process...)

Maybe even one about the Daily Bale... if Bonehill keeps his promise to write an 'article' about me in it, who knows? (Bring it on, Josh... bring it on...)

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